Direct Physical Therapy

New Location, Same Individualized Quality Care

Direct Physical Therapy is open at a NEW location, 753 Wrights Creek Drive effective September 2019. The new location will provide a comfortable and private treatment setting in a quiet Ashland neighborhood. Lance will provide the same quality of care with 1:1 individualized 60 minute appointments. Cutting edge treatments, such as Active Release Techniques® (ART®), will be provided to reduce pain and restore function.

ART® is a patented soft tissue treatment system designed to restore motion, reduce pain,
and improve strength to help people return to participating in their daily activities. Active Release Techniques® can be utilized for every part of the body. During ART®, the clinician applies deep tension at the area of tenderness and the patient actively moves the tissue through the restricted site from a shortened to a lengthened position. This helps to break up the scar tissue and return the
affected soft tissues to a healthy state, resulting in improved strength and decreased pain. ART® can relieve these issues quickly and with lasting results. In most instances, people are able to return to performing their activities with minimal or no pain.

To experience the power of ART®, please visit Lance at Direct Physical Therapy’s new location. Call (541) 482-5525 to make an appointment today.



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Direct Physical Therapy LLP

Direct Physical Therapy, LLP, was started by Scott L. Brown, PT, and Lance D. Cooper, PT in 2012. Our clinic is located in Ashland, Oregon and we provide quality, one on one treatment sessions.

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