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New Year’s Resolutions

And just like that, 2022 is here! Like many of you, I spend my time late in the year reflecting on the past year and the goals I want to set for myself during the upcoming year. 

One of those New Year’s commitments we often make to ourselves is to get healthier. Like many, I don’t find myself motivated to go to the gym… unless it’s the rock-climbing gym. It is also often hard to motivate myself to go out for a run or recreational bike ride in this colder weather. Motivation is often the key to sticking with those new year’s resolutions. What works for you is personal to you and your situation (and only you can determine that for yourself). But I can share with you what works for me.

Being healthy in of itself isn’t enough. I find that when I can pair my desire to be healthier with getting things crossed off my to-do-list I stay more motivated. Minimizing my time in traffic and reducing my fossil consumption only helps. That combination motivates me to head out on my e-bike. 

Since its last full charge five days ago, I have traveled 63.8 miles on my electric bike. This includes trips to and from work, trips to grab groceries and supplies, and even a 20-mile round trip to the rock gym in Medford – did I mention I like to rock climb? My electric bike allows me to get my heart pumping without turning me into a sweaty mess. Depending on how much I use my bike I burn anywhere from 200-800 extra calories per day. My 3.7-mile ride to work is slightly uphill and I tend to burn around 120-130 calories going to work and anywhere from 70-80 calories going downhill on the way home. Contrast that with my 13 calories burned sitting in the car. Also, instead of my 12-15 minute commute in my car it’s a 15-20 minute commute by bike – not a significant time difference. I get to skip the extra wait at the traffic lights and stop signs – all while increasing those mood-boosting serotonin levels. 

Dressing for the weather is key to making riding an enjoyable experience. I change out my toe shoes for boots and wool socks and throw on some gloves or mittens when necessary. A fleece with a high neckline or a neck gaiter is also key until I warm up. Lastly when we’re experiencing the classic PNW winter weather a raincoat and rain pants are clutch. 

Hopefully this has helped inspire you towards your own health goals. Happy New Years and stay warm out there!

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