Organ Talk – What are you saying?

This month we are going to discuss “Organ Talk.” And no, this is not a conversation about the family jewels!

How we speak to ourselves is so very important. We have over 50 trillion cells in our body and they all have a consciousness, they listen to everything we say and they act accordingly. If we are constantly berating ourselves and beating up on ourselves how do you think our cells (organs, bodies) feel.

I tell my clients to treat their bodies like a two year old child trying to walk. You wouldn’t laugh and make fun of a baby who falls down when trying to walk would you? Imagine saying, “You loser, you can’t even walk, you’re such a failure.” But, this is how we talk to ourselves constantly.

Now if you remember from previous articles, our subconscious mind is what runs the show, it runs our whole body and all its functions. The subconscious also takes all of its commands from the conscious mind. If the conscious mind says, “I can’t afford it, I don’t deserve it, I’m not good enough, I’m so stupid, etc.,” the subconscious obliges by saying, “Your wish is my command.” It goes even further by saying, “Watch, I’ll show you how obedient I am, I’ll create scenarios and events that will reinforce what you just said.”

A friend of mine had been working around the clock and kept saying, “I need a break.” One day as she came out of the house she slipped off the curb and broke her ankle. She was able to take some time off work, but what a way to do it.

Some of you may remember this story, which is very dear and close to my heart. My parents are originally from England and had been living in the USA for 14 years and trying to make a life here. As they got older they realized that they would not be able to retire comfortably in the U.S. and my mom suggested going back to England. My dad was mortified about returning to the cold, miserable British Isles. He kept saying to my mom, “Over my dead body am I going back.” They did end up going back and within 6 months he had developed cancer. His subconscious was very obedient and gave him exactly what he kept affirming.

So what is it that you are saying to yourself? Just remember the subconscious takes everything literally and everything you say is an affirmation.

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