Jule Silverwood

Pruning Is Design

Aesthetic Pruners see the opportunity to create compositions in the garden space as we shape individual plants to work within the overall garden context. We’re most passionate about finding the essence of a tree or shrub and maximizing its expression of interesting lines. Focal point plantings shine when given this degree of detail pruning.

Creating focus and ?ow in the garden

We decide how much of a  plant’s architecture to reveal, based on how much attention we want that plant to attract. It’s similar to a movie cast. We have the star and the supporting actors. The supporting plantings are kept to varying degrees of density depending on how we want to lead the eye through the garden. Some plants are kept quite dense, even sheared, so the eye ?ows over and past them to rest on the focal point. 

Renovative pruning to restore balance

Often when we begin working in a garden we ?nd there is much deferred maintenance to correct through renovative pruning. Early training, so essential to the development of good architecture, may not have been done. The garden design may not be well developed, or may be lost due to unskilled maintenance. 

It sometimes takes a few years to bring trees and shrubs into a balance that creates a composition pleasing to the people living with it. Homeowners are often emboldened to remove things that just aren’t working, then redesign pathways and beds to create a comfortable ?ow within the space surrounding a home.

Skilled maintenance and evolving a garden

We eventually reach a state of maintenance pruning. We keep a plant’s branch structure in proportion with its size and form by re-leadering. The interior and lower areas of the canopy are kept green and healthy by feathering the branch tips.

Aesthetic pruners seek long term relationships with a garden and its owner since it takes time to craft living wood structures into a state of beauty.

An inspired garden space is nourishing

Ultimately, we cultivate a design that feels good to its resident humans. The garden has become a space that is more  engaging and comfortable to move around and to rest within. A space that o?ers green shelter and bu?er from the world. A space that supports and inspires its residents’ personal culture and lifestyle.

For more information about how aesthetic pruning can increase the beauty and functionality of your garden, please visit my website: www.julesilverwood.com

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