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Reduce Stress. Feel Peaceful – With Gene Tresenfeld

Studies have shown that when we’re stressed, our immune systems don’t work properly and we’re more likely to get sick. Particularly at this time of uncertainty, chaos, and strain, it’s important to rid ourselves of as much stress as we can. We cannot control what’s going on outside; however, we do have a say as to how we respond. The webinar will include guided meditation (you don’t need to know how to meditate) as well as receiving calming energies. Gene has done in-person and remote energy healings for over 30-years as well as intuitive life coaching.

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Gene Tresenfeld

Gene envisions a New Earth where people are free to be their Authentic Selves, where they are valued and appreciated for whatever gifts they have to offer, and where people are living their lives with joy and purpose that naturally creates a more peaceful planet. Providing a safe, positive and nurturing environment that lends itself for comfortable change, Gene’s methods support you in having the physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing you desire for yourself. Based in Eugene, Oregon, Gene works with people both locally and anywhere in the world.

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