Rogue-Valley-Events_logoTired of searching through multiple Facebook Groups, online calendar listings and email invites to find out what’s going on in the Rogue Valley? The solution to frustrating web searches and missed opportunities is here! Rogue Valley Events is the online source for event listings in Southern Oregon. Community members are encouraged to post their events for free and businesses are encouraged to purchase ads to keep this fabulous resource up and running. At its helm is Ryan Kremp, music enthusiast, glass artist, and owner of Glasswear Studio here in Ashland who was motivated to take the lead when longtime event website stepped out. Read on to learn more about this awesome new web service.

Ryan, thanks for talking with us today. Tell us about what’s up with Rogue Valley Events? is a mobile friendly website calendar that is the only place you need to go to find local happenings, events and classes. is more than just a listing site; it contains info, pictures and links to help you learn about the upcoming events in the Rogue Valley. There are pages for each venue so that you can find out more about where the events are happening, including a Google maps view. The Entertainment pages contain booking info, website link, and YouTube or Sound Cloud links so that you can find out more about them without having to search all over the internet just to hear what they sound like. Some of these pages are still being constructed, so if you want to update your bands or venue’s info, just fill out the appropriate forms from the menus.

The Calendar is also 100% filterable. So let’s say you want to see all the upcoming events at the Historic Ashland Armory, all the Open Mics or when 100-Watt Mind is playing next month. Just click on the drop down menus on the top right of the calendar and make your choice. The website calendar will then populate with only your choices. The calendar is also color coded so searching by just looking is easy. When you find an event that interests you, click the title to see the event page with all the pics, info and links.

How did you know it was time for something new here in the Rogue Valley?

After working on four shows for Curious Conspiracy production company in 2013-14, I was exposed to just how much the valley needed just one website for all events and not community events on one website, live music on another, etc. I also wanted a place for venues and producers to learn about local talent to be able to contact and to book. In March 2014 I started designing the site, and it was finally done in September. Since then thousands of events have been added to the site. The website is growing every day and your event MUST be on the site to share your event with the community.

And Rogue Valley Events is about more than just music events. Is that right?

Yes, it contains Classes, Spiritual Happenings, Sports, Festivals, Performance Art, Open Mic, Community Events, Family Friendly, Film, and of course Live and Electronic Music. Please do not add any more categories.

The website is growing every day and your event needs to be on the site to attract more people to your event.

How easy is it to post events?

First off it is Free to add an event to the site, you just have to register an email. From the info menu, click on register and create a user ID and password. The site will send you a confirmation email so that you can then log in. While logged in, just click on Add-an-Event from the menu bar and fill out the form. Your event will then appear on the calendar. Don’t forget to use am/pm when listing the times of your events and ad some pictures so your event is more attractive.

Producers can also purchase Event Posters that will appear on the Landing page that will link to a URL of your choice for a very reasonable price. Your posters will get hundreds of impressions per day and let our users know that your event as a big deal that they may want to attend. In addition to posters we also run very reasonably priced monthly ads on the header (all pages) and side bars (all pages except home). You can read more about our rates and traffic on our advertising page. All ads and posters can be added by you 24/7 in our advertising shopping cart that is run through PayPal. No need to deal with back and forth emails or phone calls. We track all ads and posters so you can see how they did for you.

What about event promoters, bands and organizations who have lots of events to post throughout the year?

Yeah, if you are a producer or venue organizer and will be continually adding events, I am available through the site for a quick meeting or < 5 min phone call to set you up with a Word Press Dashboard Editor account. This will allow you to add events quicker and make it easier to edit, delete, repeat and customize your events from the back end.

What’s the best way for people to check out Rogue Valley Events?

You can find us on Facebook groups/pages or just Google Rogue Valley Events. Our amazing SEO will bring it right up.

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