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Stop Headaches Now

Headaches are so common that some people accept them as a part of life.  Many have been getting headaches for so long they don’t even know what “normal” feels like anymore.

 A large percentage of heachaches are mis diagnosed as being caused by stress, sinus, or even migraine headaches when they are actually caused by TMJ dysfunction.

 An uneven bite can cause conflict between the jaw joint and the teeth, resulting in bite overload, tooth wear, clenching, grinding and muscle cramping.  In fact, muscular tension is behind the majority of head and neck pain.

The jaw joint is the most complicated joint in the entire body.  It is a engineering marvel.  A bite that is uneven can force the jaw out of its socket and the body responds by grinding down the teeth that are in the way.  Many people are unaware that this is happening in their own mouth.

What can be done?

A comprehensive dental examination can uncover if there is a bite disharmony.  For those who need it, the chewing system can be realigned without medication or invasive procedures – resulting in reduction or elimination of pain and the achievement of neuromuscular release.



The gateway to a bioesthetic diagnosis is through MAGO therapy. The MAGO is a removable orthotic that aligns the jaw joints to their correct position. As you can see from the before and after MAGO therapy photos, the eyes and face show the results of neuromuscular release. For this patient, her head and neck pain disappeared rapidly. A well functioning chewing system is pain free and can perform the tasks of chewing, swallowing and speaking without undo effort presenting a healthy smile and relaxed facial musculature.

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