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Take Care of It Like a Puppy

We get a lot of questions here at Ashland Electric Bikes. How many miles do your bikes go? Do you have bikes with a throttle? Can you do a wheelie on it? Does it come in purple? We take great pride in being able to answer all of your questions. But one, we believe, should be top of the list for any eBike owner: How do I take care of my battery to get the longest life out of it?

Our answer? Take care of it like a puppy.

A puppy doesn’t like to be too hot or too cold. It prefers indoor temperatures whenever possible. Leaving a puppy outside in the freezing cold is not good for it, nor is leaving it out in the scorching sun without shade. Just like a real puppy, your bike’s lithium ion battery can suffer permanent damage to its internal crystals when exposed to extreme temperatures. This can render it incapable of charging to its full capacity or force it to discharge too quickly. Keep your battery properly sheltered in moderate temperatures whenever possible. 

A puppy doesn’t mind getting a little wet; the rain is fun! Much like a puppy, a lithium ion battery is a (mostly) water resistant system, but they are more sensitive to a lot of moisture. Clearly water and electricity just don’t mix. Just like a puppy, clean your battery off after you two enjoy a nice romp through puddles. Almost all of the eBikes that we carry have removable batteries for this reason.

Next, don’t over- or under-feed your battery, or your puppy. All the bikes we sell come with an internal Battery Management System which will greatly help to extend your battery’s life. Even so, we always recommend trying to keep the battery charged between 20-80% as much as possible. The first 20% of the charge cycle and the last 20% produce the most wear on your battery cells. Overcharging, like over feeding a puppy, can reduce the life of your battery. Fully draining your battery and letting it sit without recharging can be catastrophic. It is okay to fully drain your battery down from time to time. However, all responsible owners know that batteries, like puppies, need regular feedings to keep them functioning well. 

Finally, if you’re taking a long road trip remove your battery and keep it in your vehicle. You wouldn’t strap your puppy to your bike carrier and head for Portland – don’t treat your battery that way either. Following these tips should help extend the life of your battery and keep you riding and enjoying your bike for years to come.

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