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My meal prep journey began when I was 10 years old. I had a vision of a healthy, fast food establishment. An option for people to not compromise their health for convenience. Finally, two decades later, and an abundance of workshops and certifications in health, fitness, and nutrition, and hours of experience teaching clients to take care of themselves, PNW Local Delights was born.  I feel passionately that planning meals has huge, like, BIG FOOT HUGE, benefits!  Here are some of my top reasons to subscribe now to PNW Local Delights:

1.  Save Time and Money- Skip the recipe search, grocery store lists, shopping, and kitchen prep and cleaning time. Order what you need, heat it up when you want, and stop feeling bad for throwing money in the trash when you toss out meal ingredients you thought you were going to cook that week. Ordering meals ultimately gives you more time for family and self-care, and wastes less food and money.

2.  Meet Your Goals- Sticking to your life goals can be challenging but at PNW Local Delights we’ve accepted that challenge and are here to help fuel the best version of your self.  Research shows meal planning to be one of the top contributors to weight loss and body composition improvements for life long changes.  Healthy eating also improves mood and brain function.  Be prepared to have more energy, meet your weekly goals, and end the day still smiling.

3.  Fight Disease- Real, fresh, healthy food has the capacity to fight disease! Dietary improvement has become the number one recommendation of health care professionals for every ailment you can think of. Eating a rainbow of micronutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients is shown to decrease your risk of cancers and heart disease, reverse diabetes and improve body mass index (BMI).

Subscribers support these reason too, saying;

“We love PNW Local Delights. The food always comes on time and is fresh! Our favorite is the Bang Bang Shrimp. We order it every time. With a busy family of 5 it allows us to stay on track with our healthy meals and spend more time with our kids. We recommend it to everyone.”  –Liz and Kevin

“I am so grateful for Kristin Cipes and her amazing meal plan service. The food is always delicious, fresh, and convenient. I don’t ever have to worry about what I am going to make for lunch or dinner. It’s all done for me!  Ordering food weekly keeps me on track with counting and sticking to my macros. I no longer waste food that I’m “going to make”.” –Megan Lacey

“Being diabetic and also living a very busy lifestyle PNW Local Delights makes managing my blood sugars real easy. With the menu I can order what I need for the next week and it’s delivered right to my gym. At CrossFit it helps me with diet and gives me the energy I need for the WODs that my trainer puts me through. Honestly when I have a week without their great food, my week is upside down. I am amazed at the timeliness and great customer care shown. Thank you PNW Local Delights for all that you do!” –Scott

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