Co-Creative Healing

Upcoming Massage Education Opportunities

Free Talk: “Massage & Bodywork from Around the Globe”
(introductory class includes lecture and some hands-on techniques)
May 5 from 7-9pm at Ashland Food Co-Op

Weekend Workshops for Continuing Education
“The Magic of Side-Lying Massage” – May 3 & 4 in Ashland, OR
“Thai Massage for the Table” – May 17 & 18 in Bend, OR
“Around the Table, Around the World – Tour II” – July 19 & 20 in Ashland, OR
“Thai Massage for the Table” – Sept 13 & 14 in Medford, OR

Advanced Bodywork Mentorship Program

The Advanced Bodywork Mentorship is an ongoing program that meets in Ashland, one to two evenings a month and is designed for bodywork therapists who want to expand their skills, bring forward their hidden gifts and receive quality work on a regular basis. Please call Sheila at 541-497-0717 to see if you are a match for this program or visit for more information.


“Sheila’s classes proves that even after 30 years as a practitioner there is always some-thing new to learn. Without any doubt this is the best series of classes I have had the privilege to participate in. Her delightful personality and personal anecdotes around her trips are priceless additions to her very effective teaching style. If you want to learn more, she is the one to study with.”
– Vernon Smith, PhD., Founder, Blue Cliff School of Therapeutic Massage

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Co-Creative Healing

Specialties Co-Creative Healing offers Massage Therapy & Bodywork in Ashland, OR. I offer blends of deep tissue, acupressure, CranioSacral, myofascial release, visceral work, sports massage, stretching & Thai massage. * I have been doing massage therapy professionally since 1998, have over 1800 hours of training. I also am a nationally certified massage continuing education provider.* My work is also unique because of its timeless nature. Instead, I offer sessions that last an "hour and half plus." Most sessions tend to run between 1.5 and 1.75 hours. Working at this pace allows us to talk before your session begins and gives you the time to get up from your session without feeling rushed. Serving the greater Rouge Valley, including Ashland, Medford, Talent, Jacksonville, Eagle Point, Phoenix. Clients even drive in from Portland and Roseburg! History Established in 1998 I began my first private practice in New Orleans within a Medical Clinic. Over the years I have experience working in medical settings, spa settings, holistic retreat centers and private practice. I draw upon this diverse types environments to provide a session that is therapeutic, effective, relaxing, nurturing, pain and stress relieving and long lasting.

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