5 Ways to Detox Your Dog – Part 1

Our world is pretty toxic. Especially for dogs. Toxins are literally everywhere. In our food, our water and the air we breathe. They’re over-vaccinated, eat processed kibble and are soaked in flea and tick chemicals. And don’t forget any minor complaint gets a round of antibiotics. 

There are lots of ways to minimize your dog’s toxic exposure. For instance: stop giving unnecessary vaccines, feed real, whole foods, use natural pest repellents and don’t give every course of antibiotics your vet recommends for things like diarrhea, UTIs or ear infections. 

Even if you do those things… you can’t avoid the toxins that are all around us… 

That’s why detox is so important. So we might as well dive right in. And hang on to your britches… this first tip can be hard to get your head around.


In the wild, your dog wouldn’t get to eat every day. So giving him one day a week where he doesn’t eat is actually really good for his body. It gives the digestive system a break and allows his body to detox.  


Your dog’s liver is one of his major detox organs. The liver’s main job is to get toxins out of his body. So if the liver stops working… you’ll start to see a decline in your dog. To keep your dog’s liver functioning efficiently you can use these natural remedies… 


Sulforaphane is a substance found in cruciferous veggies like broccoli, Brussel sprouts and kale. And it has some powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer benefits. It activates your dog’s Nrf2 pathway that helps reduce chronic inflammation. And if you read last week’s email… you’ll know that chronic inflammation is responsible for most diseases… including cancer. Because sulforaphane triggers some important parts of the liver’s detox process. And it also activates enzymes that protect your dog’s cells from damage from carcinogens and other toxins. Choose Non-GMO if possible.


Also called silymarin, milk thistle is a herb that can help the liver process toxins and avoid damage. It stimulates the renewal of liver cells and helps cleanse the organ. Use milk thistle if your dog has been exposed to extra toxins. But use caution, milk thistle should not be given long term. Give for 3-6 weeks and then take a break.

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