Ad Design

To create your ad for LocalsGuide you will need a graphics program like
Adobe Photoshop, or Canva.

All advertisements need to be created in high resolution
(300 dots per inch) CMYK, PDF format.

  • Download Advetising Templates Here

    Photoshop Instructions
  1. Open Photoshop
  2. Select File New
  3. Set Resolution to 300
  4. Set Width and Height in “Inches” to your correct ad size.
  5. Set Color Mode to CMYK
  • This is important. DO NOT DESIGN YOUR AD IN RGB and then COVERT TO
  1. Click “OK”
  2. Now Design Your Ad
  3. Make Sure to Use Fonts that are no smaller than 8pt, also make
    sure to use bold and clean fonts that are easily read. (Thin fonts in
    small font sizes are difficult for printers to hit when printing)
  4. When placing white lettering on dark backgrounds make sure to:
    Use a large enough font to build colored background around.
    • When working with BLACK backgrounds and lettering make sure to use
    a 100% color. C=0 M=0 y=0 k=100 (Built BLACK Fonts can create
    alignment problems)
  • Remember to Flatten Layers when you send us the final copy.
    Email Final Ad to:
    Monthly Deadline 18th Of the Month
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