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Customer Testimonials for Ashland Oregon LocalsGuide

“When I first came to town I decided I would open a massage clinic here in Ashland, Oregon which was a long time dream of mine. I was recommended to do a two page interview in the Locals Guide, as that had worked really well for another massage therapist. I said Ok! With one interview and two monthly ads I was set with work for over two years. That is how much of an impact three months with Shields Locals Guide gave me, I got 25 calls from the interview alone from people who were interested in my services. And I haven’t been back to market with Locals Guide because I have literally been so busy! Shields is a marketing magician who understands how to connect people and get needs met. Highly Recommended working with Shields, getting your interview in and your monthly advertisements.” Christopher Allen Neumann. www.cantherapeutics.com

I have thoroughly enjoyed being part of Locals Guide and notice that the relationship goes far beyond “advertising”. I appreciate your professionalism and mentorship, both in person and through the newsletters. I feel as if I have a personal coach to assist in building my business. Reaction to my ad and business column have been nothing but positive and I find that clients and friends enjoy seeing me in the Locals Guide. After the interview, I received several calls and have had appointments with potential new borrowers. For sure, we accomplished the goal of putting a personal face to lending and creating accessibility.
Thank you and I look forward to our continued success,
Linda Fitzgerald

Our phone rang off the hook after our interview in the LoacalsGuide. Those calls led to contracted jobs making it our most cost effective advertising to date; not to mention the intangible name recognition in the community. I highly recommend tapping this local resource to boost business!

Eric Hansen, General Manager
True South Solar

Thank for supporting our Mother’s day Brunch by offering us free advertising in the LocalsGuide. Your marketing helped bring 25-/300 members to the venue.
Southern Oregon Birth Connections

Dear LocalsGuide,
Thank you so much for sponsoring the Empty Bowls Event in the LocalsGuide. The exposure was truly important in getting the word out to our community. Your kind and generous effort helped raise nearly four thousand dollars for our local food programs. Equally important to the the people running these programs on a daily basis is knowing that they are not alone in their efforts. Many thanks and much love, Julie, Zoe and Regina

Peace House
Empty Bowls Fundraiser

I have been impressed with the Localsguide as a resource for the Rogue Valley community and it has done wonders for my business. After my interview and ad I received over 40 client conversations, calls, and/or inquiries about my business just in the first 3 weeks! Now that’s effective advertising! In addition to that, Shields is a great guy to work with; professional, flexible, and friendly. I give two big thumbs up to Localsguide. I encourage every small business owner looking to grow their business to check it out.Eric Grace

Shields and Local’s Guide has helped our new business clientele grow over the past 5 months. He has great ideas for helping your reach your target audience. All advertising is tailored to help you achieve your marketing goals. Thank you Shields!
Lance D. Cooper, DPT
Co-owner of Direct Physical Therapy, LLP

Advertising in the LocalsGuide really helped starting my own design business and Shields has been really helpful during the process, I would recommend advertising in the LocalsGuide to all businesses whether they are just starting or have been doing it for a while. I wouldn’t have been able to make it without the LocalsGuide. Thank you Shields!!
Kelly Harding – Sunshine Design

Ashland Greenhouses loves the connection we make with our community through the LocalsGuide. Shields is very personable and acts without delay to meet our needs. We’ve received many complements on our business column and our featured interview. Thanks Locals Guide!
Sarah Valdivia
Ashland Greenhouses

My recent feature in the LocalsGuide was a huge success! It gave me the opportunity to share in depth about myself and my healthcare approach, attracting many new patients and an overwhelmingly positive response from our community. Thankyou LocalsGuide (Shields) for providing an intimate and effective way for me to engage our community.
Dr. Casey Frieder
Chiropractic Physician

As soon as we started advertising in the Locals Guide we noticed a distinct increase in our customers telling us they had literally “discovered” us by reading the Locals Guide. We opened with little fanfare and once we were ready for our ” real opening” we knew that the Local’s guide was mailed out to local residences as well as being easily available in all the boxes and local spots so it really made sense! I think all the locals pick it up to keep track of what’s new and the tourists pick it up to find out what’s going on in general. We continue to advertise monthly and think it makes sense!
S. Means
Milagros Fresh Mexican

As a new business to Ashland I needed to find the best way to reach out to folks. It has been such a great experience collaborating with Shields at The LocalsGuide. Helping people understand the level at which I work with clients and what it entails can be challenging. As soon as our interview was published I received calls and emails from folks who were really excited to learn about HH&F, wanted to be apart of the integrated approach we teach at Holistic Health & Fitness.
David E. Fresilli

It’s been fun hearing from so many people how they saw our ad in the Local’s Guide, as well as reading the article. It never ceases to amaze me how many people seem to read the Local’s Guide – I know I do! Our ad has been very helpful for our business, and the article you wrote about us brought a lot of people to our door. Even people who’ve known us for years commented on how interesting and informative it was. Thanks so much!
Janie and Joseph

I appreciate the Local’s Guide as a true community forum. People stop into Boulton & Son and reference our column frequently. It gives us a way to communicate with our current and potential customers, and it does seem to be quite effective.

Elisa Boulton
Boulton & Son

The LocalsGuide is a beautifully produced, very personal yet business-friendly monthly paper. I have been very pleased with the response to both the interview with me and the comments on Camelot’s ad in the Guide. I am pleased to be doing business with them!”
Livia Genise, Artistic Director
Camelot Theatre Company

Being featured in the Locals Guide has really been great for our business! I noticed a definite jump in business literally the day after the article came out, and every day after. Shields was great to work with, and I really appreciated how he let us really tell our story. In the past other media outlets have spun our story in a different way than we would have preferred, focusing on things such as how young we are instead of how we have a very high quality, successful business. He understood that we can best communicate the specific qualities of our field of expertise and let us do just that. I would definitely recommend the Locals Guide as a very effective advertising tool for any business.
Kati Case

The LocalsGuide published a story about my piano business two years ago, and I am still receiving clients as a result of that article! I received five phone calls the day after the article appeared, and the requests have been occasional but continuous ever since. The LocalsGuide not only generates business, but builds community– a much more important function, in my opinion. I love reading about my neighbors, and everyone I know read that article about me! Even my children’s friends raced up to them in excitement when the article appeared. An advertiser that supports community by supporting the LocalsGuide will earn my business and my loyalty on that basis alone.
Lisa Rhode
Piano Lessons Lisarhode.com

The interview/article in Locals Guide about Equamore Foundation was wonderful. We had a lot of feedback about how wonderful our organization is from readers who were previously unaware of our organization or of the huge need in our area for help for horses. Raising awareness is key to efforts like ours and LocalsGuide really helped – Thank you! Ruth Kennedy Equamore.org

I can’t tell if it made a difference in sales, however the exposure is plus! I can’t tell you how many people at both stores comment that they had read the article, with positive comments. Camron & Linda Clarkson BigTownHero.com

My law partner, Jake, and I have been very pleased with the response that we have received from people reading about us in the Locals Guide. Thanks, Shields, for a job well done. Allen Drescher, Drescher & Womack, Attorneys at Law. Allen G. Drescher, PC Attorney at Law AshlandOregonLawyer.com

“Since advertising with the Locals Guide, our business has picked up 2 fold. Almost every new customer over the past month has mentioned reading our interview in the Locals Guide. Most of the new customers have decided to buy local or try local before heading to any box stores to buy window coverings. It’s pretty obvious that even though receipt of Locals Guide is a free publication to all Ashland households, everyone reads the Locals Guide and keeps it for reference! We are so thankful for our partnership with Shields and the Locals Guide. It’s making a difference in the awareness and sales for our business and is certain to benefit other local Ashland merchants. Thank you Locals Guide.” Christine & Jerry Molinaro Fashions for Windows & Interiors www.fashionsforwindows.com

“I began advertising with the Locals Guide in January. In less than three months time my booths are completely full and our sales have increased! Shields has been nothing but kind and professional, always available to brainstorm and even helped me to formulate a smart marketing plan. The response from the interview he did was wonderful! Thanks Shields!” Michelle Christian Ashland Artisan Emporium

The Locals Guide interview had an amazing effect on my most recent show. Because of the detailed and down to earth way the interview was presented many people responded, causing all 9 shows to be sold out by the middle of our opening weekend.We have now added on an ‘encore Show’ to accommodate the many who were surprised by the quick sell outs and were left without tickets… thanks for the interview Shields!!! Lorenzo SantaBarbara http://lecirquecentre.org/

I recently started advertising with the Ashland LocalsGuide and can’t say enough about what a great advertising venue that has been for my business. Everyone reads the Ashland LocalsGuide. Not only have I reached my target audience in Ashland, but I have also been getting clients from Medford and the surrounding areas. Thank you LocalsGuide for catapulting my business. Jeanne Normand White http://siskiyouclinic.com

It was a pleasure working with Shields in the local’s guide. He was very helpful with add design and in helping me to explain my practice to people in community. I was also impressed by the number of people that mentioned seeing my ad and article in the Local’s Guide and I got several new patients has a result. Dr. Justin Adams www.RITDoc.net

It was a pleasure working with LocalsGuide in formulating our Butte Creek Mill ad and interview. One by one we got results. Our customer count, from Ashland, was measurably increased which was our goal. Bob Russell Buttecreekmill.com

Working with the Locals Guide has been wonderful, and not just because of its positive impact on my business. The Guide is clearly a labor of love for you, Shields, and that makes it feel less like an advertising newspaper and more like the local Town Hall: a place where the many creative and heartfelt efforts made by locals to make Ashland shine are brought into focus and celebrated. Fantastic! Thank you so much for providing our community with such an opportunity. Greg Jemsek, Narrative Therapist www.quiethorizon.com

Shields, the Locals Guide is a publication that really captures the heart and soul of Ashland. The new format is excellent and the content takes us inside the worlds of the people who work and live here. Thanks for your unique vision and the energy you put into keeping it alive and well.” Dr Peter Nelson, Attention Coach. www.socsci.biz

I advertised with locals guide a number of times, it never fails, the adds always bring new clients and keep the phones ringing Wow, no kidding, the front page interview on the December Locals guide really caught the readers eye (It must have been the dog sitting next to me). It not only brought me new clients but some I hadn’t seen in years. Thanks Shields Working with the Locals Guide, placement for my adds, dealing with Shields during my December interview were both easy and enjoyable but the best part…the results. I’d direct any business that wants to expand their visibility to advertise with the Locals Guide. Thanks Locals Guide. Kit Crumb Ashland Fitness Studio

The interview and adds I had in the LocalsGuide produced far more new clients for me than any other advertising than I have ever done. The interviews are a great way for people to get to know about you and the nature of your business in way that print adds alone could never do. Jeffrey Judkins, DVM Animalkind Holistic Veterinary Clinic, Jacksonville

Working with Shields was a productive and creative experience. He took great care in helping me hone(focus) in on what I wanted to say about Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis which is very experiential and not easy to put into words. I have been getting a lot of interest in the form of emails and phone calls. I’ve also been recognized around town and people have told me how much they enjoyed the article and that it was very informative. I had an especially great experience with the locals guide. Avril Betoushana Selfcenter.me

Working with the Locals’ Guide has jump started my bodywork practice here in Ashland – I was booked solid for over two months! Since my service is so personalized, I was not just interested in getting business,I wanted to connect with people who were a good match for what I offered. My interview gave readers a real chance to understand the unique way I relate to massage and when they called, they already knew to expect the unexpected. Thanks so much for helping to introduce me and my passion to the Ashland community! Stephanie Shrum www.CoCreativeHealing.com

I can’t tell if it made a difference in sales, however the exposure is plus! I can’t tell you how many people at both stores comment that they had read the article, with positive comments. Thank you, Camron & Linda Clarkson


My experience with the LocalsGuide was excellent. They were very easy to work with, very reasonably priced and I got a good response from potential clients. All in all I would recommend advertising with them for anyone who wants to build their business. Dr. Chris Chlebowski AshlandNaturalMedicine.com

When the Locals Guide gave us the opportunity to advertise our business relocation to 175 N. Pioneer St. we were enthusiastic about getting the word out on the street.But when we saw the Locals Guide issue, Shields had published a testimonial “Shout Out” on the front page. We received over 30 new inquiries from our ad linked in to our “Shout Out”! Thank you Locals Guide for being a collaborative voice in our great community. Real Beauty Jude The Real Beauty Salon

As a Real Estate Broker, advertising in LocalsGuide gives my property listings the community exposure they need. Sellers know that their properties are being marketed to every household in Ashland. I run into people all the time who say, “I saw you in LocalsGuide!” I feel the exposure LocalsGuide provides to be a valuable marketing tool for me and Real Estate Depot. Catherine Rowe, Principal Broker/Owner Real Estate Depot

I have had the privilege of working with the Locals Guide and Shields for several years. Shields has always been great to work with – responsive, resourceful, and honest. Advertising in the Locals Guide has been a staple for Today’s Dentistry over the years and we feel it helps us stay connected with the community. I wholeheartedly endorse working with Shields and feel our business is better for it. Dr. Ed Warr Today’s Dentistry

One of the main factors in the success of my new business is my work with the Locals Guide. If you want to see your business grow, Locals Guide is the way to go. Matt- Left Coast Barber Shop

Shields, you made the interview process for my Locals Guide article not only painless but a pleasure. Thank you! Roz O’Riordan

Working with Shields over the years has been such a great experience. He continually strives to improve the Locals Guide in both content of material and quality of print and as loyal advertiser, this is very important. He’s a pleasure to work with. DeAnna Sickler Living In Southern Oregon

Local’s Guide has been a very effective way for our company to market our services to prospective Ashland clients. I can’t tell you how many people have remarked that they’ve seen our ad in your magazine. In terms of exposure, we actually prefer our print ad in the Local’s Guide over directory advertising. Zack Williams Regensis Ecological Design

We got a great response to our Winter Getaway ad in LocalsGuide. Delivery to every home in Ashland really makes a difference. Your lively, colorful from page really draws people in. We sold more than enough Getaway packages to pay for the placement, and I heard many more people mention that they read both the ad and your article. You showed me that print advertising can still be cost effective in the Internet era. Diarmuid McGuire Green Springs Inn

The LocalsGuide is by far my favorite source for information about all the great people in the Rogue Valley and their contributions to our community. I read it cover to cover every time. My interview with Shields was so enjoyable, a total pleasure. He wasn’t rushed, and his interest in my work felt truly authentic. Shields is obviously committed to discovering the gems of information that our community desires. So often one does an interview and crosses their fingers in hopes that what they communicated actually comes through accurately and with the emphasis in the right places. Shield’s method is brilliant and really fun. Lots of folks have responded to my interview, many expressing the inspiration they drew from it to find their voice and sing. Goal achieved! Megan Danforth Rogue World Ensemble

Thanks so much for the interview that you printed in The LocalsGuide. It was great for our customers, both new and existing, to get to know us better. During the two months after the article came out, at least 100 people mentioned that they had read about us in LocalsGuide. It was great exposure for our business, and really helped to increase the communities interest in Bookwagon. Thanks again, Carl and Kirsten Bookwagon

Shields, thank you for you help in getting the Jacksonville Mercantile’s name out to homes and businesses all over Ashland and the Rogue Valley. David Jesser Jacksonville Mercantile

My experience working with Shield’s at the Local’s Guide has been nothing but positive. I am very grateful to the Local’s guide for helping to get the word out in Ashland about our new store. It seems like at least half of our customers heard about us through this publication, so we are beyond pleased! Thank you Shield’s for encouraging small businesses like mine to be successful in this wonderful town! Sarah Sunshine Smith Shepherd’s Dream

The Locals Guide has been a fun venue to express my enthusiasm and interest in the automotive world. To my surprise and delight I have found that through the Locals guide I have developed a fan base that not only read my articles but have become loyal customers as well. Aaron Bloch Aarons Autowerks

I received so much positive feedback from the article that ran in the October issue of the Local Guide. Emails as far away as Southern California and New Mexico asking me about SOPride. It really help to jump start the enthusiasm around SOPride and the reality of just how “normal” the LGBTQ community is. The Local Guide put a face on the queer community and gave us a voice. Thank you Local Guide! Gina DuQuenne Founder and President of Southern Oregon Pride

I absolutely love the new format and feel of LocalsGuide. The fact that as a community we have a way to connect and support one another in our endeavors is awesome and makes for just one more reason why Ashland is such great place to live! The exposure we have received from being featured and advertising has been great for our young business. Thanks again for all your hard work and keep it up. Tara Thomas-Boucher Sauce ~ Whole Food Cafe

Before opening Bump we would read the Locals Guide to see what was going on around town. One of the first things we did even before we opened Bump was to advertise in the Locals Guide because we wanted to be supported by local folks like us. The response was great from the start. Almost a year and a half after opening we still have people saying things like, “We loved your ad in the Locals Guide and we had to come in and see what this place was all about.” Jason Esquerra BUMP

First of all it has been a very enjoyable experience to work with Shields from the Locals Guide. He is genuinely interested in finding out about who you are and what your business is about. The conversations we had and the questions he asked were personal and inspiring. The amount of customers responding to our feature was unexpectedly high and the feedback we got was very positive – everybody seemed to have read the Locals Guide. Joachim Wald, Cafe 116

I have received many comments about what a nice job I did on the interview. Little do they know that Shields has done the heavy lifting to make it come out the way it has” Steve Wilson Ashland Insurance, Inc.

Getting an interview in the Locals Guide got me more recognition than I could have ever imagined. My clients still mention how much they enjoyed reading about my business. The best thing was having people who knew me call and book their first session with me. It helped new clients who didn’t know me get a feel for my business and feel comfortable to call me and start working with me. Thank you Locals Guide, Beka Chandler, massage therapist

Working with the Locals Guide has been invaluable to our practice. We went from just starting out and having to explain who we are and how we work, to being noticed on the street in a very short amount of time. After our interview with The Locals Guide, we began hearing from more families inquiring about our midwifery services. I like to think if the Locals Guide as not only advertisement, but also community education and empowerment. Thank you so much for this service to small business owners in our valley! Jenn Head, Midwife at Oak Grove Midwifery

I really enjoyed working with Shields. He is a great interviewer, he listened well and paid close attention to detail. He asked intuitive questions and did a great job guiding me through the interview to make it readable and interesting. As for the Locals Guide, I thought it was wonderful exposure for my business I highly recommend it. Tina Bolling Tina Bolling Photography

Having recently moved to Ashland and starting a new business, the LocalsGuide has been so valuable to us. Immediately, after our interview was published, people started actually recognizing us around town. People often reference something about the interview and say, “Hey I really like what you said about….” or “Hey, I read your article in the LocalsGuide. Great Interview!” Working with Shields throughout this process was also a highlight. He really helped us refine what we wanted to say to the community and how to best communicate it. We truly appreciate how supportive he has been to us, as we start our new practice. David Kaminker Sage Medicine

LocalsGuide Editor Shields Bialasik conducts a professional, through, and sensitive interview. He made sure to have me proofread the final before he went to press. The feeback from readers of the LocalsGuide is gratifying. The article resulted in increased business. Graham Lewis Graham Lewis Photography

Everyone loves seeing our presence in the Localsguide. We here it all the time. It’s such a great community paper! Thanks Shields! Elise Peters Heart & Hands

The amount of exposure and response received from our LocalsGuide interview far surpassed our expectations. What a great experience, providing the opportunity to tell the community, in our own words, about the ins and outs of our business, and how it came to be. We are thankful for the recognition our interview received, and for the relationships we have made as a result. Dave Anderson Anderson Auto Body

After advertising in the LocalsGuide we noticed not only an increase in business but also customer awarenes. Our customers told us they got to know us through our interview and felt more comfortable coming into our shop. Mark Hutto http://jaustinco.wordpress.com/

The article about Sew Creative in the Locals Guide has been wonderful for business. People tell us how much they enjoy learning about local businesses and are excited to see our store. It was a pleasure working with Shields in the process. Karen Bates Sew Creative

The interview that Shields, the editor of the Locals Guide, did about me and my work as a Business Consultant in private practice in Ashland generated an extraordinary amount of interest. The positive feedback that I received and the exposure it generated was significantly beyond what I had imagined and expected. Gary Einhorn Business Consulting Services

The Locals Guide is the BEST advertising venue that I have had experience with! The high profile nature of its distribution, and the beautiful quality of the presentation/layout, has produced consistent recognition all over town for my business, and a steady in-flow of new clients, both locals and people visiting. I am often raving to fellow self-employed friends in town that advertising through Locals is a marketing budget well spent! Karin Kitely Infinity Healing Arts

I am very happy with both of my articles because they have raised the awareness of myself and the Power Plate throughout Ashland which is always a good thing. Mahalath Gordon http://www.Hiddenspringswellnesscenter.com

I love the Locals Guide. I was an Artist Featured in Locals Guide and even though it was 7 months ago, I still have people come up to me and say the interview touched them. Thank You Shields for creating a truly local rag! Carola Marashi

Soon after my interview ran in the Locals Guide I started receiving calls from prospective clients and customers interested in my holistic health and aromatherapy products and services. Within the first week after the publication I received a request from a well known internet radio show to be a featured guest on their show which went very well and created residual income; the show host invited me back for another show. There have been numerous inquiries from Rogue Valley residents for hands-on-healing since the interview. However, since I am no longer taking new clients for hands-on work and instead offer distant healing and consulting by phone and Skype, several of these prospective clients decided to schedule distant healing and astro consulting sessions with me. Everyone of my new clients has told me they plan to re-schedule with me for another session in the future, and or bought products from me. I also noticed that my PurePlant Essentials organic aromatherapy product sales in Ashland, Oregon retail stores where they are sold more than doubled during the month following publication of my interview. After the publication of my interview numerous people from the Rogue Valley downloaded a free podcast of my Ho’oponopono Forgiveness Meditation which I spoke about in the interview and is available on my website. I am very happy with the results of my interview being published in the Locals Guide though my real pleasure was the opportunity of being featured as a practitioner and sharing my message of healing with our community. Thanks so much KG Stiles www.KGStiles.com 

The Locals Guide was such an incredible community organizing tool for the first year of the Siskiyou Challenge! There was a point a few months before the event where I would wake up at night terrified that no one would know about our event, much less take the time to learn about how great we hoped it would be and all in support of a wonderful and important organization, Rogue Valley Farm to School. Once the first article appeared in The Locals Guide, I worried no more: you had great ideas for us as to how to present the information in a way that people would enjoy learning about, and it worked! Free delivery of our message to every reader of the Locals Guide, great presentation, helpful positioning and article design from your staff, it was all fantastic and beyond our wildest dreams! Great testimony to the effectiveness of the articles was the fact that “I read about it in the Locals Guide” surpassed any other media (conventional or social media) source for how participants learned about the event. Thank you so much, your help was huge and important to the success of our event! Deborah Gordon www.siskiyouchallenge.org

I started receiving calls from new clients the day the issue came out. The response was positive from new and old clients alike. My existing clients liked knowing more about me and my practice, and new clients felt confident being familiar with me before their first appointment. My exposure in the LocalsGuide boosted my business in a traditionally slow season, and I continue to be complimented on the interview. Thank you so much for offering me the opportunity to connect with my community! Helen Mahoney www.ashlandcoloncare.com

coming soon Marcus Scott www.LithiaArtisansMarket.com

The interviews in the LocalsGuide have been the best promotion we have ever done at Hidden Springs. Each time someone has an interview published their phone rings off the hook for the next week or so. It’s been fabulous. I knew that everyone in the community gets a copy in the mail, but I didn’t know how many actually read it and act on it! Thanks a lot, Rod Newton – Hidden Springs Co-owner http://www.hiddenspringswellnesscenter.com

Thank you for taking an interest in our business, and asking the insightful questions that help others to share in that interest.  The article came out today and we’ve already had 2 new patients schedule this afternoon! Dr. Jordan Weeda http://www.wellspringbodybalance.com

WOW!! People are still calling in and coming every day! This interview completely hit ths spot for me in brining in lots of new clients and introducing me to the community. All of my customers have told me that the write up was absoultely wonderul existing and new customers alike. It was absoltely perfect timing. I’ve very glad I did worked with you guys! This saved me big time in my slow months of winter and still is. I’ve probably had at least one new customers a day and they mention the LocalsGuide! Cindy Bettencourt

Coming Soon Diarmuid McGuire http://www.greenspringsinn.com

Tree House Books http://www.TreeHouseBooks.com

Coming Soon Kimberly Hall

Erin Pollinger http://www.hiddenspringswellnesscenter.com

In our 34 years as Hat People, Carol and I have been featured in several publications. The response to our interview in LocalsGuide was exceptional. For weeks we were stopped on the street by total strangers congratulating us on our years in business, and our comments on the importance of engaging in local community. LocalsGuide is a true community asset. Jim Young http://www.HatPeople.com

As a new resident of Ashland, I needed all the help I could get in finding out about our community. The first publication I stumbled across was the Locals Guide. It was a fantastic introduction to town for an eager new resident. When I opened my own business – Ruby’s Restaurant – I returned to the LocalsGuide as an advertiser. I saw an immediate response! Advertising in the Guide is a sure fire way to reach a whole lot of people ready and willing to spend some time in your store or business. I would enthusiastically recommend the Locals Guide to any business looking to introduce themselves to Ashland! Christian Senf Ruby’s in Ashland

Everyday after my interview came out in the LocalsGuide people would tell me they had seen my article. Sequoia Pettengell http://www.SequoiaPhotography.com

Thank you Locals Guide! I was featured in the Locals Guide as Practitioner of the month last September. It was a great opportunity to have my picture shown all over town and to have a focused interview about my work. I have a fairly broad practice so people tend to associate me with a variety of specialties. It was really neat to have an interview showcasing one of my passions, introducing me to new people but also informing my current clients about the breadth of my work. I had so many positive comments about the article and had some new folks show up to my practice. Ashland is such a word of mouth town and social media acts as the spoken word. An interview is someone personally speaking well of your work. I don’t know of any better marketing strategy. Dr. Bonnie NedroW – Naturopathic Physician – Hidden Springs Wellness Center http://www.HiddenSpringsWellnessCenter.com

Coming Soon John Hacker http://www.CoachHacker.com

Thank you SO much for putting my article on the front page of the Local’s Guide. I received 11 phone calls in just the 1st week after my article was out. It gave a huge jumpstart to my new career as Yoga Therapist. And the word just keeps on spreading! I reaped more return for my investment with The Local’s Guide than with any other advertising medium I’ve used to date. Again, many thank yous! Brooks Newton – Hidden Springs Wellness Center http://www.HiddenSpringsWellnessCenter.com

Coming Soon Mary Brooks and Tom

Just wanted to send you a quick note and thank you for the article you ran for me in the locals guide.  I have been so surprised at the response.   I still get people coming up to me and saying they read my article and it has been a few months since it ran. I think the fact that you provided the framework and let me basically write my own article made the biggest difference.  I was able to tell my own story.  I feel that from the comments people have given me that they know a little bit more about me personally. I had another article done for me when I completed building my house that was in a prominent magazine in town.  I had to ask people if they had read it.  Those that did just said, “nice article”.  I know why their responses were flat, the writer didn’t know me or my philosophy.  The writer was selling the magazine instead of telling my story. Thanks for giving me a chance to put it out there in my words. Steve Sirianni – Builder http://wallsoftimebuilders.com

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My interview with LocalsGuide was a lot of fun and a great success! I received loads of calls and several new customers from my business feature in the LocalsGuide! Heidi Carlson Hempress Arise

Coming Soon Chad Moyer

Coming Soon Mark Machala

Being featured in the Local’s Guide was really great for my business, and it was fun to see my work in the press!  The article generated a lot of interest in our Retro PinUp portraits, as well as our photography business, in general.  We received many kudos, inquiries and even bookings from as far away as Klamath Falls, Shasta and Grants Pass.  Our Facebook fan base increased quite a bit right afterwards and whenever I tell locals what type of portraiture I do, quite often they say “Oh! You’re the pinup queen! I saw the article about you in the Local’s Guide!”    Thanks Local’s Guide! Deborah Thornton http://www.debrathornton.com

Coming Soon Brigid Crowe

It was a great honor to interviewed in the LocalsGuide! I really appreciate getting to share with the local community and I know that the interview reached both fans and folks who had not heard my music before. Thank you LocalsGuide! Alice DiMicele http://www.alicedimicele.com

The process of writing my own article was truly enlightening. After many months of stalling, once I began writing, my words seemed to spill out onto the page (or screen). The response we’ve gotten since the article was written has been invaluable. Never before has any article or form of advertisement generated so much business for us. Thank you so much! Celina Reppond http://www.inwardboundwellness.com

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Hello, just wanted to say that though I never would consider getting a tattoo, if I DID by some remote chance decide to get one, I would definitely come to your shop. That was one of the most compelling, intriguing interviews I’ve read in a long time. I really appreciated your journey, your insights and the way you articulated your passion for your art form. Thank you, Chris, (an Ashland resident) ” I am so impressed with the LocalsGuide.  being interviewed was amazing.  the interview was accurate and went to print in its authentic form.  I can’t say that for any other paper.  what a great attribute for our community.  i am so glad we have a peoples paper.  congrats LocalsGuide, we the people love you!” Mori INK http://www.moriink.com

I was happy to be interveiwed for the locals guide. When Marcus asked me I was pleased to share some of my stories and motivations behind my art. It was also great exposure as an artist. I love the locals Guide and how if offers a wide exposure in small area. Best to you in the new year! Amy Godard Navickas

Having my interview in the Locals Guide on December 2010 really jumped started my business!  After the article appeared,    I must have had 10 calls for at least 4 days and people still remember it…..    Even though I do  quite a bit of marketing myself  word of mouth is wonderful and I believe in 2011 I’ve created almost $50,000 worth of local jobs  for the Service Providers who signed up with me.   I now have a web site and believe 2012 is going to be very rewarding for me and “my crew”. I now have 102 Service Providers signed up with me in 65 categories…. including some zany ones like horse boarding…. Wendy Eppinger Ask Wendy

Our annual ice cream social that we’ve throw in Ashland for the past eight years wouldn’t be possible without the help and promotion from LocalsGuide.  Most of our attendees find out about the social through LocalsGuide and we’re extremely thankful for all their help! Matt Allen – Ice Cream Man http://www.IceCreamMan.com

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The interview about Willow Witt Ranch that ran in the Locals Guide brought an amazing amount of attention and interest to the ranch.  We couldn’t believe the number of folks who stopped by or called to say they had read the article and were interested in our products or visiting the ranch; seems like 5-a-day for a few months.  Thanks, Suzanne Willow & Lanita Witt http://www.willowwittranch.com/

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to have been featured in the Locals Guide! I had a great experience with the article… Overnight my chocolates sold out all around town, although I was caught a little unprepared:):):) The article inspired me to change my sweetener from agave to raw honey, and refine my packaging for greater freshness and recycle-ability. Even went to a smaller four truffle box, also new labels for truffles and bars. So lets just recap here … everything got shakin up:):):) the article has kept me quite busy with perfecting the making of the chocolates and the business side of things since the article came out. I learned a lot, and the chocolates are Great! Thank You Shields! and Many Blessings! Zorba (Todd Bjornson)

Being featured in Locals Guide was good exposure for my work and contribution into this community. I appreciated being able to be such an integral part of what was printed.  The feedback I got was excellent and I think it gave Wilderness Rites a voice that it didn’t have before.  I appreciate very much that Locals Guide is giving such good support to different individuals and businesses in this valley.  It’s an important step to deepening what is already a strong community base. Anne Stine, MA, MFT http://www.wildernessrites.com

Unfortunately, we never heard a word about it. J.Larkin Roxy Ann Lanes

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Dear LocalsGuide, We got a lot of positive feedback and interest in our work as a result of the article you published about us in the LocalsGuide. It is evident that locals read the LocalsGuide and it is a great contribution to the Ashland Community. Thank you, Paula Baker-Laporte http://www.EcoNest.com

Thank you for printing the interview with Tom Ward, Permaculture Counselor.  This publication raised awareness of Tom’s work throughout the community and many new and old friends commented on it.  It was a great help in increasing the visibility and appreciation on Tom’s work in the local area. Tom Ward

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We’ve been advertising in the LocalsGuide since Be Cherished opened a year and a half ago. Advertising in the locals guide was a natural fit for our business because it is read and appreciated by our ideal guest, Ashland’s amazing local community. Our success as a business is due to the support our community has given us and the locals guide had a great deal to do with that! Be Cherished – Ashland, Oregon http://www.becherishedashland.com

The response we got from our Locals Guide interview was absolutely nuts! The first day it came out: “Hey, I saw your article.” Everyday for the next three weeks: “Hey, I saw your article.” “Hey, I saw your article.” We think this is a major reason that this is best December we’ve had, probably ever. Our monthly display ads have been very successful also. Dan Shulters – Dan’s Shoe Repair http://www.RepairMyShoes.com

I can tell you this, on the subject of testimonials, I had remarks from people I barely knew, for a good three months after the interview appeared. People DO read your Local’s Guide. Lots of them! And they keep it around to read! Perii Owen Ashland Public Library

Thank you for the opportunity to have an article – I got great responses – People loved the article – Found it very personal, charming and informative (” I did not know you did..) I loved the layout – to follow the article, pages to pages with my first name( no last name) was very nice – I also appreciated that nothing had been cut , respecting and honoring my writing – It also brought some people at the First Friday Art walk – It was perfect – A woman even came and asked for me – She wanted to meet me because she had read the article – It was a very nice encounter – Isabelle

Thank You Locals Guide for Noticing my business! The article you all did for Abasha skin care Boutique brought so many new customers. It is a pleasure to work with your paper, and this community. Jessica S. Dunn Schubert. Owner, Asthetician

Thanks for a great publication that also boosts our business. Every time you publication goes out, our phone ring like crazy for a week. – Dr. Networking Computer Services http://www.drnetworking.net

Being featured in LocalsGuide did wonders for our little shop. We were featured months ago and we still get people coming through the door on a regular basis who say “We read about you in LocalsGuide!” The Yellowcupboard

Thank You LocalsGuide for offering such a rewarding experience in sharing my passion for my work in Traditional Thai Massage. The interview you did with me felt very honoring and gave me the space to fully express what I love with our community. I have received numerous calls and emails after the article hit the streets and continue to this day, months later, to get new clients whose interest had been perked after reading the interview you guys did with me. I love that there is a local paper that is helping the community get to know each otherand all the wonderful gifts our neighbors have to offer.’ D’vorah Swarzman http://www.thaitherapeutics.com

After having a featured article published in the LocalsGuide I have had dozens of strangers, aquaintences, and close friends alike contact me to contratulate and share how much they enjoyed and were inspired by the interview. The outreach has been tremendous, I have had all kinds of new students attend my class, and I truly feel more a part of the Ashland community after sharing my story and my vision through this local gem of a resource. Monique Manning http://www.gaiamanning.com

I had more response to the LocalsGuide article then any other event or show that I have done in my over forty years of art shows and performing music in Ashland. Everyone’s response was that it was a wonderful article and I personally enjoyed having a part in your publication. Daniel Verner – Artist

Thank you so much for all you did to promote the 12th annual Bike It. I spoke several people in the community who saw the awesome write up in The LocalsGuide. This is the perfect way to get the word out about a community support event, as it’s easy to read, positive and well distributed. Much appreciation, Dave Nourie Bike It

As a local paper, guide to events, and networking tool, I find the Local’s Guide unpressidented! Recently I had the pleasure of being featured in it. In the wake of this article I have been amazed at the amount of recognition and appreciation I have received from the community. Few other periodicals have the warmth and personality of the Local’s Guide… I look forward every month to receiving the latest issue. Jon Carlson C.H. http://www.vitalistherbology.com

Thank you, Shields, for making LocalsGuide available to showcase amazing individuals in the community, as well as great businesses. Now during difficult times, we need to–more than ever–hear about extraordinary achievement, kindness and goodness. It gives us all hope that the world is a very good place to be in right now. Pauline Townsend http://www.sentecenter.com

When I first started advertising in locals guide my business landed a great resteraunt account and since then I have gotten great feed back from regular customers. The ad is way for me to communicate with customers and also a platform to have fun and be goofy if I want to. Since running the ads I can think of at least a dozen new customers that told me they had never even heard of us, and we’ve been in business about 7 years. They are now regular purchasers of our products. LocalsGuide is a great platform for exposure and the editorial bent is right up my alley so its really a no brainer. Courtlandt Jennings http://www.pickledplanet.com

When you published the interview, “Staying in the Moment with Grief” with the big photo on the cover, people commented about it to me for months afterward. They were curious about my grief transformation work and about my first book, Dancing in My Mother’s Slippers,and I can’t even count the number of people who said, “Hey! I saw your picture on the front of the Locals Guide.” I always take copies of that issue with me to book and author fairs. I still get a comment once in a while, two years later. I’m glad to know people are reading your paper. It’s another way to see how much the folks in our community really do pay attention to each other and care about each other. The Locals Guide helps us get to know our neighbors. It’s a great thing you’re doing for Ashland and the Rogue Valley and beyond, and I thank you for it. PS: Here are some comments people sent via e-mail after the interview came out: – I will save it for you….the article was fantastic…I read it on a break from studying. – What a joy it was to grab my mail, only to see your beautiful smiling face on the Locals Guide. It is a wonderful picture of you and quite an article as well. Congratulations. – What a treat to open my mailbox and see your beautiful smiling face on the Locals Guide! I thought the article was wonderful too. Congratulations! – Congratulations on your beautiful photo and article in the Locals Guide. You look lovely and happy. I am so glad that this dream came true for you. Fayegail Bisaccia – Author http://www.griefandhealing.net/

Advertising with The Locals Guide has been easy and fun. The staff is very personable, and I love that the articles are written by regular people. I plan to continue doing business with The LocalsGuide. Maya Moore, Director The Language Spot

As avid readers of the Locals Guide, it was wonderful to get such positive responses from their readers and seeing the other side of media as a feature article! We are so pleased to see the Locals Guide truly dedicated to community and are honored to be a part of it all! The EcoTeas Team http://www.yerbamate.com

Just having been in the Local’s Guide this month my experience is fresh and new, and the wave created from it is not over for me. My experience: Shields ask me if I wanted to be interviewed, and I knew that it was a YES for me, and it was a YES, not without concerns. My work is in the area of feminine sexuality, and I am so much inside that world, that I no longer trust that I will recognize the boundaries of propriety that the community has. What is normal for me to talk about one on one and in classes may be too much info for the general consumer of local publications. Shields let me know that the paper was to support my voice getting out into the community. We spoke over the phone, and then he sent me some e-mail questions. I wanted to have editing power, and he reassured me that would be true. He also suggested that I ask myself the question “Where do you want to direct the reader”. This is an opportunity to direct them somewhere. Shields was positive and relaxed in his approach to me always. Not expected from the stereotypical “Publisher” or “Editor” deadline oriented personality profile. I started to write the answers to the questions, and it felt somewhat choked up. Definitely not as fluid as talking to Shields had been. Got an idea: I sat down with my “Dragon Speaking Naturally”, pretended like Shields was in front of my desk talking to me, and answered the questions into the headset, as if I was talking to him. I cleaned it up, and sent it off by e-mail. Easy. The biggest surprise for me is that having people in the community know what I do has been Relaxing for me. The guy at the local Japanese takeout says “I read the article”, my yoga instructor at the racquet club, my daughter in law, my sons, all have seen it, know my views and stances, and come back with compliments on the voice and the content. The medical community knew what I did already, and the local Sente community did somewhat, my friends knew too, but not really as much detail as was in the article. I expected to feel exposed. I do not feel exposed, I feel seen and more relaxed. How cool is that. I received calls and e-mails from so many people, physicians, therapists, counselor’s, women with concerns and women with curiosity. Some calls from men wanting to learn more. Shields let me know nothing in the article was in offensive territory, and that afterwards he only received positive feedback. The article created a positive wave of attention that came back at me. The wave is not over yet………… Susan Kay Preslar http://www.thepromiseofthebedroom.com

We had just gotten our feet under us with opening our newest business, Boulevard Coffee, when Shields asked if the Locals Guide could do a review. We hadn’t tackled full blown advertising yet so this felt like a good way to get the ball rolling and get our name out there a little more aggressively. The day after the review was circulated in the LocalsGuide, our doors were flooded with new faces and lots of questions about our business from our local community. Boulevard Coffee is located in the Stratford Inn, on Siskiyou Blvd, and since 1981 we have only opened our doors to Ashland visitors. We were incredibly excited to finally be able to share our concept of including locals into our family businesses, rather than just out-of-town guests. The locals haven’t stopped coming in since the article and several months after Bouelvard Coffee’s write-up, people are still saying that they saw that article and that’s why they decided to come check us out. The review was kind and generous about Boulevard Coffee and a very accurate account of our business: atmosphere, menu, service and overall experience. What a huge gift being included in the LocalsGuide was to our business! Allison Hamik http://boulevard-coffee.com

Well, I’m not an advertiser, but I have gotten lots of reactions and comments from the cartoon I do in LocalsGuide. Yeah, I ruffled a few feathers before, but it got people talking. Curt Evans

We’ve had nothing but positive comments on our article in the LocalsGuide. Friends and neighbors were thrilled to see us featured, existing customers loved the opportunity to learn more about our farm and our philosophy, and we were able to attract a significant number of new customers. Thank you for including us in your paper. Ken Muller http://www.roguevalleybrambles.com

Thank you so so very much for the article in your paper. I was so amazed that you printed everything and so grateful. For me, it was so refreshing to have an editor who prints what one says and asks so many pertinent and important questions. It means you did your investigation of the subject, and responded to dig deeper into what I was saying and more thoroughly than anyone I have worked with to date. Thank you, Shields for the LocalsGuide! JoAnn Lewis- LMT, CEIM, Infant Massage USA Trainer http://www.infantmassageusa.org/trainer_listing/joann-lewis/

The Locals Guide is an inventive publication with it’s finger on the pulse of our Community…with it’s friendly staff and intelligent and humorous commentaries The Locals Guide is a great resource. We appreciate all the support The Locals Guide has shown us over the years. We send out a big thank you to them for being a part of our Rogue Valley family!” Inger Jorgensen & Nicole Hurley http://www.bohemiagallery.com/

The Locals Guide Works! Thank you Shields and staff at the LocalsGuide for the interview with my wife and I. Being featured in the Locals Guide was like being able to walk up to every Ashlander and say “hello.” So many people commented on seeing us in the article. We felt as if we were living in a Norman Rockwell painting. For our business, the LocalsGuide has been a perfect way to reach our customers. Dollar for dollar, no other form of advertising is anywhere near as effective. Our customers and potential customers really see the ads. What’s even better is that the advertising money stays local. Thanks LocalsGuide. It’s wonderful that you are here! John Heaslet – The Cheerful Vet http://www.cheerfulvet.com

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