‘Edible Treaties For Frosted Seaties’

Whew! They’re over! The ‘frantacisms,’over indulgeginces – hmmmmm…Time to start anew, tradition… A long time ago, a BEAUTIFUL BUNNY from Tehuantepec, Mexico schooled me in the medicinal glories of ‘chocolate´ picante.’ That cookie inspired this ‘sin-discretion.’ ‘It swells lips, rosies  cheeks, timbers tummy and shimmies hips.’ ‘Choco-Hottie’ Baked Truffle What you’ll need: 1/2 lb Dark Chocolate (Good quality European preferred) 1 1/2 C minus 1 tbs sugar 1 c powdered sugar 2 Eggs 1oz butter, unsalted 1 Tsp ground Cayenne Pepper 1 Tsp ground Chipolte 2 Tbs Pure Vanilla Extract 1Tbs Ground Espresso 1/4 C sifted all purpose flour 1/2 Ts baking powder 1 1/4 C Good Quality Chocolate Chips 1/2C Dried sour Cherries 1Tsp Salt (optional) 1. In medium bowl, place chocolate, butter, vanilla extract, ground espresso in microwave safe bowl. Melt to lip temperature. 2. In a  separate bowl, whisk together eggs, sugar and salt rapidly until pale, frothy and mousse-like. 3. Fold in melted chocolate mixture. 4.    Sift in flour, baking powder, cayenne and chipoltle. Don’t over mix! 5. 6.    Mix until smooth. 7.    Add chocolate chips, chopped dried cherries. 8.    Chill for 2 hours 9.    Pre-heat oven to 325. 10.    Using a warm, dry melon-baller or spoon, make nickel sized balls from the ganache (mixture). Set aside on baking sheet. 11.    Roll in powdered sugar. 12.    Place on cookie sheet. (3 “ apart) 13.     bake for 4 minutes. 14.     Cool an Sin-joy! January’s Frost this is not! B. Sterling Chef/Owner, Silly Rabbit

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