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Make Them “Fall” Herbal Aphrodisiac Truffle Chocolates 

Summer has shown its sleepy side. You know…shorter days, cooler nights. Peeling skin and lake boats have finally gotten a chance to take a breath of dry air. Sweaters are being pulled, summer barbeques have become a bit more intimate and the intensity of the coals are much more important as the glow begins to couple us. Chilly nights, warm arms and intimate dinners are replacing hot summer nights and wild parties. Here’s an idea to unite us the chocolate way.

1 3/4 lbs bittersweet chocolate (at least 60 percent, good-quality European preferred)
8 oz extra dark cocoa powder (sifted)
10 grams of Damiana herb (available at All’s Well Natural Foods, Downtown, Ashland)
1 teabag rose petal tea
1/2 cup plus 2 Tbs. Rogue Valley wildflower honey
1 1/4 cup organic heavy cream
1 pinch red chili flakes
1/2 teaspoon salt (optional)
1teaspoon Rosewater

1. Set aside 1/2 lb of the bittersweet chocolate and all sifted cocoa powder.
2. Place all other ingredients in medium saucepan, bring to light boil, cover and set aside.
3. In medium bowl, chop 1 lb 4 ounces bittersweet chocolate.
4. Bring liquid mixture to second boil.
5. Over bowl, strain liquid into bowl over chocolate removing flowers and herbs, then cover with plastic wrap and let stand for 5 minutes.
6. Remove plastic wrap and, using wire whisk, mix chocolate and cream mixture to form a smooth chocolate “fondue.” Pour into shallow baking tray or bowl, cover and place in refrigerator. Let cool for 3 to 4 hours.
7. Using a warm, dry melon-baller or spoon, make nickel sized balls from the ganache (mixture). Set aside on baking sheet.
8. Warm remaining chocolate in micro-safe container or double broiler using extremely low flame until it is fully melted.

The Finishing Steps:
Using a fork, pick up the ganache balls and dip into the melted chocolate (not too hot, not too cold…body temp, compare temp to lower lip). After dipping, tap off excess chocolate on side of bowl. Then roll in bittersweet chocolate powder. Sprinkle extra powder on top, then place in refrigerator after every four or so until entire tray is done. Keep in refrigerated airtight container until ready to indulge. Enjoy the “fall"!

-B. Sterling, Chef/Owner, Silly Rabbit Chocolate Company

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