Sugar-High! October

Rogue Valley Treats Good Enough to Raise the Dead!

It's downright creepy how good this month's picks are, but don't let that scare you away from enjoying them! Just to prove how brave you are, throw caution to the wind and try them all!

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Sweet and frilly as it may seem, The Country Cottage Café is serious about combining sugar, flour, and eggs in a spooky manner. One of the simplest ways to prove it to yourself is to bite into one of their gigantic, chewy cookies that taste like they just came from a kitchen witch's oven! Bursting with buttery, brown-sugar goodness, they will make your Tollhouse dreams come true! $1.50 each.

Fruit Turnover

Made by Pennington Farms and sold at the local Grower's Markets this flavorful flashback to the good ol' days are worth a wait in line at their bustling stall! Crunchy sugar crystals top the handmade pie crust and the juicy fruit inside (be it peaches, apples, or berries) latches onto your tastebuds with supernatural strength! Devour one early for a breakfast that will make you wish (even more) for markets everyday! $2.75 each.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Got a craving for the best combination on Earth? Head to the Munchies basement for a slice of this hauntingly good treat and start digging: the soft peanut butter cookie crust meekly yields to your spoon – but only after you've made it through the inches of whipped cream and creamy chocolate and peanut butter puddings. A blissful test of courage, to be sure! $3.95 a slice.

Next Month: Best Bar Treats In Town

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