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The Time is Now

No matter how much you brace yourself in life and no matter how much you try to prepare for the future, life throws you curve balls and on occasion it even knocks you off your feet.  Sometimes it is news you never expected and sometimes there are experiences you didn’t think would hurt so much. […]

A New Year…A New Hope

This past year was filled with such joy and precious memories.  I look back and I can’t even begin to count all my blessings.  It’s not like there wasn’t heartache, tragedy and obstacles to overcome because there were.  But I surrounded myself with people who rallied behind me, who lifted me up and I was […]

There is a New Face in Town

Most of you have noticed the beautiful brick building taking form over the past year and we have to say, the corner of Lithia Way and First Street has never looked so good. Rumors over the past year have circulated giving the impression the entire building was SOLD and there just wasn’t much more information […]


With Thanksgiving around the corner it seems fitting to reflect upon our many blessings. Just the other day, while cruising down Siskiyou Boulevard, I found myself reminiscing about the last 15 years in real estate. The fond memories certainly outnumber the not-so-fond and when I stop to think about it, my career as a real […]

List it Now!

Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone, but the best time to sell your home is in the fall. Yep, that’s right and the proof is in the puddin’. Most Sellers believe that the spring and summer are the prime months for selling their homes and why wouldn’t they? Flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining and […]

You can Lead a Horse to Water…

As we journey through life we are reminded time and time again of the adage, “Jack of All Trades, Master of None” and throughout our lives we have learned the importance of surrounding ourselves with our village. As professionals we find those who can guide us in the areas they know best; the thorough and […]

The Golden Rule

The theory of Karma is something we have touched upon in past columns and as we head back into the crazy world of multiple offers, it reminds me again that in fact, Kindness Matters. If you’ve been in our office, you will see this proudly displayed on our wall. It’s our “motto” so to speak […]

The People Behind the Curtain

I am often told, “I don’t know how you do it.”  I am asked, “How do you balance owning a business, working over 40 hours a week, raising two small children and keeping your husband happy?”  I quickly respond, “It isn’t pretty.”  But the truth is I am spoiled by the men in my life. […]

Honor Thy Mother

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it seems only fitting to talk about a special lady in my life. I am certain I didn’t ever realize the heart and soul that goes into parenting until I had a child of my own. I will never forget my Ah-Ha moment of being a mother and […]

Mercury in Retrograde?

We have heard the saying once or twice before but this past month it became a slogan of ours.  We were working our tails off only to find that we had made no forward progress.  It felt like we were hamsters on a wheel, expelling a lot of energy only to find ourselves getting absolutely […]

Reap What You Sow

Countless times we have said, “We look forward to working with you,” and this statement was never more spot-on than in the last week. Sadly, DeAnna’s niece died unexpectedly in a car accident and a few days before she headed out of town to attend the memorial service, Dyan came down with a true case […]

Reflecting Back on 2013

Choosing a subject matter for our monthly columns can sometimes be a little challenging.  Perhaps it’s because often times we are scrambling around each of our houses on the morning of our deadline, texting ideas back and forth because it’s just too loud to have an actual phone conversation at 5:00am. Or, the best part […]

You Get What You Pay For

A long time client of ours recently gave us a newspaper article found in the Wall Street Journal.  The article talked about the value of an experienced real estate agent in comparison to someone who is considered a “rookie.” Knowing that real estate brokers are a dime a dozen, he felt it would be something […]

A Reminder…

I have always been grateful for experiences that help me see from another person’s point of view. These experiences have given me compassion, understanding and grace toward others. Usually, these experiences are in my personal life, but this past week I got a healthy real estate world reminder. My husband and I grew up in […]

Give and Take

In the last few weeks, we have had the unfortunate luck of coming in contact with a number of “takers” in the world. You know, the ones that are always the victim, the ones who are always inconvenienced, the ones that think they are the only people being affected by the ups and downs of this thing we call […]

One Size Does Not Fit All

I can recall a few years back getting a last minute request from another broker to show one of our larger, more complicated listings. After a number of questions from me (aka putting them through the ringer to be sure this wasn’t just another looky loo), I convinced my seller that I really thought it […]

The Tides Have Turned

The Tides Have Turned. The last few weeks have been a blur of activity in the real estate world which leaves us to wonder; did we wake a sleeping giant or is this a new monster in and of itself? Only time will tell. The real estate inventory in S. Oregon is still at an […]

Kindness Matters

Kindness Matters. If you have ever been in our office you will see this sign prominently displayed. It’s something we have always believed and something you can expect from us…. Unless of course you mess with one of our kids, but that’s for another column. As we evaluate the success of other business professionals in […]

Career Day At Ashland High…

Recently, we spent half a day at Ashland High School for career day. We were invited to speak about our daily lives as Realtors including how we choose this career path, challenges we face, educational requirements, etc. Dyan had the suggestion of asking each class what preconceived ideas they had about real estate, Realtors, and […]