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All Shapes and Sizes

It’s no secret among the real estate community we tend to beat to our own drum. It has served us well over the years, providing a great sense of balance throughout our personal and professional lives. But as we head into the tail end of 2019 and reflect on our many blessings, we have come […]

A Thankful Fall

The older I get the faster the time seems to go by. I can’t decide if this is because I have more commitments or because I value time completely differently than I did when I was younger. Either way, I know that in a blink of an eye it will be 2020 and 2019 will be […]

Things Are Not Always As They Seem

It certainly is no secret that real estate agents are often paid a commission for their services. Some people don’t realize it’s a fee typically paid fully by the Seller and covers both the listing agent as well as the Broker representing the buyer. More often than not, what “fee” that is being charged is […]

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Over the last few weeks a number of insightful articles have come across my lap, all of which beautifully related to the season my family and I are wrapping up… baseball. Each had a different perspective on the influence team sports such as baseball can play in the lives of children as well as their […]


I often can find myself overwhelmed by our hurting world. It doesn’t take long for you to encounter someone that is in need of assistance, a shoulder to cry on, a laugh or a dang big hug. And let’s not forget about the social media side of things where people are continually showing us their perfect […]

If the Shoe Doesn’t Fit

In a recent interview about our business model, Dyan and I found ourselves struggling to accurately describe how we go about running our business. We have been trying to overcome the assumption by prospective Buyers and Sellers that we only work with higher end price ranges.  We want to really drive home that when we […]

‘Tis the Season

If you plan to sell your home in the next year, please don’t wait until the spring to put it on the market. How’s that for direct? Yes, your yard will be in bloom and the trees will be leafed out but everyone and their mother will have their home on the market and supply […]

Celebrate The Times

Well it would be un-American to not have this month’s column be about anything else than THANKSGIVING! I find it interesting to search my own heart this time of year. I often find ordinary things to be especially thankful for, blessings that get overlooked throughout the other 11 months of the year. I can be overheard […]

Asking For Your Vote

It was less than two years ago and I remember the day clearly. My husband, Nate came in the door and said, “Honey, we need to talk.” He can be a man of few words but his tone was serious so there was no question – we “needed” to talk. As it turns out, the upcoming […]

Seeing the Forest for the Trees

It’s probably not a big surprise to anyone reading this column, to hear the air quality in Southern Oregon has been having a huge impact on our community. There have been outdoor adventures continually postponed or even canceled, family visits rescheduled and sports activities moved indoors. But even among the ash, it is possible to […]

Getting Your Home Market Ready

If I had to guess, our team shows over 300 homes a year. As we walk through properties, whether we are previewing them for clients or showing them to the potential new owners, there are definitely a few things sellers can do to set their property apart from their competition. We are always surprised when […]

Timing is Everything

Recently, Dyan and I, our husbands, along with two close friends were able to carve out a couple days from our hectic schedules and plan a three day rafting trip down the Wild and Scenic section of the Rogue River. It’s been a tradition for the last couple of years and it just so happened […]

On The Move

There is no question the market is hopping and more and more For Sale signs are popping up. We are interviewing for listings every week and glad to report it looks like more inventory is in our future. Compared to this time last year, the inventory across our county is greater. Fortunately, Buyer appetite is […]

The Essence of Community

If someone asked you what makes Ashland so special, what would you say? Because the houses are relatively expensive, the lots are not as big, and the parking stinks. Of course not. You’d likely share that given its small population; it’s packed with culture, diversity, life and love. We often find ourselves showing property to […]

Give and You Shall Receive

As we are well on our way into the New Year, it is natural to self reflect on the past while also beginning to plan for the future.  We each have financial goals, family dreams, business dreams and the list goes on.  But the real question is, “Are we actively planning our time?”  Time can […]

What’s in a Name?

With the major holiday season behind us and things settling down, we find ourselves scheduling more and more listing appointments, as Sellers get prepared to list their homes. It’s a good reminder to everyone the importance of aligning yourself with the right Broker. In our opinion, it can literally make or break your deal and […]


In our never-ending pursuit to be the best versions of ourselves, we find ourselves focused more and more on the importance of authenticity. In a day and age where people can take on the persona of just about anybody they want, we find it even more valuable when we find ourselves surrounded by genuine people. […]

The Power of Pricing

With the steady incline in home prices, we are starting to experience the ramifications of home sellers overpricing their homes and then waiting too long to make the proper adjustments. When our market started to rebound and properties in the Rogue Valley were selling at top dollar, it didn’t take long for homeowners to become […]

The Art of Dual Agency

For those of us familiar with the ins and outs of a real estate practice, we are aware there are a few different types of agency relationships that can exist within a real estate contract. There are Buyer’s Agents, Seller’s Agents and Disclosed Limited Agents. The first two are pretty obvious who they represent, but […]

All A Matter of Perspective

Sometimes when we are so determined and focused on an aspect of our lives we operate more like a horse with blinders on and less like humans.  There can be the most magnificent sunset but when we sit inside in our living room that beauty isn’t as clear or breathtaking. It is so important to […]

What Really is our Work?

We’ve all been asked the question, “So what do you do for a living?” and we have all jumped right into what we do to make a living. After all, it’s a pretty harmless question and most definitely a conversation starter.  “Oh, I sell real estate, I’m an accountant, I stay home with my children, […]

Spring Has Sprung

Spring is probably my favorite season.  Just as bulbs bloom this time of year is seems like hope does too. There is hope for new dreams to blossom and the tides to turn into ones favor. It is so enjoyable watching people venture outside and soak up the sun on the days when the rain […]

A Little Grace Goes A Long Way

I can’t think of a time where showing a little grace was ever a bad idea. The last few weeks have been downright brutal in the real world, at least from our perspective. Escrows are falling for reasons that simply don’t make sense. Appraisals are coming in at 15-25% under the contract price and the […]

Let the Dice Roll

We had the absolute honor of celebrating a friend’s 40th birthday in Las Vegas this past weekend with our husbands.  Six couples ventured out of the gray skies of the Rogue Valley and into the sunny skies of Nevada. One of my favorite things to do in Vegas is to people watch and start conversations […]

Much to be Thankful For

With 2016 behind us, it only seems appropriate to reflect on the last year. The real estate market experienced some incredible activity and as of mid-December the Medford and Ashland John L Scott offices have closed more than $720 million for 2016. That equates to over 2,350 transactions by our two offices alone and there […]

What We Need is Love

Some would say, “All We Need is Love” and while I am not convinced it’s ALL we need… it’s is definitely needed, particularly in times like now. The world as we once knew it has changed and don’t think for a minute it happened on a Tuesday night a few weeks back. As we celebrate […]

Marriage…it isn’t for the weak

This past week my best friends celebrated their 14 year wedding anniversary.  DeAnna’s husband had the most beautiful and obnoxious flower arrangement delivered to our Ashland office.  There were 14 gorgeous dark pink roses and another 14 of the most stunning double lilies.  The darn thing was so big and heavy that the gal delivering the […]

Great Expectations

We don’t think it is any secret that along with interest rates, the inventory levels are still quite low. This undoubtedly creates an increase in “value” because the demand currently exceeds the supply. However, as real estate professionals who have been in this business a combined 25 years we caution home sellers against unrealistic expectations. […]

Blessed are the Peacemakers

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”  – Edmund Burke Instead of pouring time into a space reserved for our thoughts on the current real estate trends, we are dedicating this space to those who paid the ultimate price. Five men lost their lives to a […]