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If you have been following us for any length of time, you probably heard a few rumors about the several awards our team has worked very hard to achieve over the years. We have been awarded the Top 1% award through our company, John L. Scott, for 13 years in a row. This achievement is presented to the brokers who rank in the top 1% throughout the company for closed sales. Honestly, our team has never been driven by the awards, the recognition or the sales. Our hearts strive for clients becoming friends, alleviating stress for them and guiding them in their best interests instead of ours.

One particular week I had arrived at the office, and questioned if I was making a difference. As some of you are aware, my previous career was in Law Enforcement, and although that career isn’t always loved by the public, every shift I knew I made a difference. The difference I made changed day to day: sometimes it was big and grand, and sometimes it was helping a fellow co-worker through a rough case. As I entered our office at a very early hour, I sat down and thought… but does this career make a difference in people’s lives…What I am doing?

A few hours later I was sitting in our JLS office meeting listening to a broker I have always looked up to. This broker, Dixie Hackstedde, has been in the industry for a lot longer than me, and still works just as hard as when I met her years ago. She was presenting the JLS Rockstar Award to a broker within our office. It is more of a peer-recognized award. As she spoke about this broker being “quiet but mighty, not needing to be the loudest in the room, not needing to be the center of attention,” how much grit and determination she had, that her talent and hard work made people respond and recognize her, I thought now that is everything I strive to be. Dixie then announced she was passing along the rockstar guitar to me.

I have to be honest; this moment spoke life into me when my flame felt weak. It was such an encouragement to hear that others do see how hard I strive in this career. It was such a reminder to continue to provide kindness, to work hard, that we often don’t know anything about what a fellow co-worker, friend or stranger is struggling through at any given time.

As we continue through this life, the world tells us we can’t make a difference. They want us to buy into the idea that only big grandiose actions make an impact on the world. What a lie. I realize that some of the people that inspire me the most are the ones behind the scenes grinding, taking small steps each day towards success. Just remember, people are watching you as you continue to press towards your dreams. And most importantly, speak life to the people that you notice making a difference, I think you’ll be surprised how much they need to hear it.

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