Curious about Acupuncture? Listen to what people are saying about Kara Miller! LAc, MAcOM, Dipl. CH

“Kara Miller doesn’t just “do acupuncture…” She is a full partner in healing!

Her intuitive insight and genuine support is every bit as powerful as the restful treatments she imbues with kindness and plenty of inspiring fierceness as your advocate. I love her!”   

~ DW, Ashland

“Kara has been helping me through a BIG time for a year and a half now with regular treatments. I highly recommend her.

She is a special kind of doctor, channeling an ancient art, mysteriously effective at what she does, very supportive of whatever it is that’s happening, she understands; wisdom, encouragement and guidance flows into every session. She is an ally of your mind/body/spirit, an open, grounded and intuitive presence for healing.

As for the needling, she ‘cracks the code’ every time. I’m blessed that I found Kara when I did and so grateful for her and where I am now because of her. I can now comfortably say Kara was the Goddess Wizard that led me through an unbearably difficult dark night of the soul out to the other side of it.” 

~ JT, Mt Shasta

“Jade Mountain Medicine is miraculously supporting my teenage daughter to deeply rest inside herself, unraveling the devastating psychological and physical traumas of Covid’s aftermath. Acupuncture is tuning her being toward resilience, self-care, and the wise place within her original belonging. Thank you, Kara Miller, for your extraordinary care, sensitivity, and skill to help my daughter move into womanhood with this life-altering context for systemic innate and medicinal wisdom.”

~ Ahri G, mom of 15 year old

“I love the acupuncture I’ve received from Kara Miller at Jade Mountain Medicine. It’s very relaxing and not painful. The ambience is beautiful and very welcoming. The whole thing is great and relieves my stress from sports and school, it’s a very healing environment. I recommend this experience for all ages, especially teenagers like myself!” 

~ Ava M, Ashland High School

“I started seeing Kara for various issues, one of them being lower back pain. Chiropractic care helped, but nothing thus far had resolved it until acupuncture with Kara. I was shocked! My back has never felt better. After a bit of time off, I came back to see Kara with some unexplained hip pain, jaw pain, and peri-menopausal issues. I resumed regular care with her and my hip and jaw pain have now completely dissipated! My hot flashes have gotten so much better and I’m back to feeling strong as ever! I adore Kara and continue to seek her help for anything that comes up. I highly highly recommend her!”   ~ Wendy R, age 44, Ashland OR

“I was looking for an expert who could help reflect to me the status of my health, how to comprehend and heal it, and the emotional support needed to effect its positive change. I found both within Kara’s care at Jade Mountain Medicine. Kara’s heart-forward approach seems to have no limits; she is an endless well of authentic compassion, accessibility, and humility to help her patients however they need. JMM’s practitioners never “talk at” those in their care, and instead strive to genuinely listen and co-create solutions based on patients’ bio-individuality. Every patient encounter is received with the kind of attentiveness one has only come to expect from first-time visits, and her good-natured staff always offer a warm welcome, with their shared goal to be of service to all who enter JMM’s doors.”

~ A.S. McCloud, CA 

“November of 2023, I was suddenly plagued with 24/7 headaches.  No one had any answers as to the reason.  A CT Scan of my head was  inconclusive as well.  My Doctor and a neighbor and friend suggested that I go see Kara. She took up the challenging mystery, determined to help me.  The great news was that in 4 visits, my headaches were completely gone! That was in February/March

and I still haven’t even had a “regular” headache… She’s currently helping me with my Blood Pressure and Adrenal issues.  I am improving and know that she will solve these issues for me

as well. Besides the fact that Kara knows what she’s doing, she is kind, patient and truly cares.  She is now a permanent part of my WELLNESS Team.” 

~  Trina Brenes, Ashland, OR

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