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The Magic of Touch

Most of us are familiar with the warm embrace of family, friends or lovers, but did you know that we are naturally designed to comfort and heal through touch? It connects us together and actually heals us – strengthening our immune system and releasing the love chemical oxytocin, which not only feels good, but also […]

Shopping Locally Does Much More Than You Think!

Everyone talks about shopping locally, but does it really make a difference? Mitchell Walzer and Brenda Johnson, the owners of Love Revolution, certainly think so. Ever since they opened their doors in 2011, they have committed their time, money, and expertise to dozens of local events, charities, and fundraisers, which is only one of the […]

Your Sexual Mind, Body & Spirit

Sex can be defined in many ways beyond the heterosexual model of “insert body part A into body part B,” but in this article I’m broadly referring to erotic physical pleasure that may involve a partner(s) and genital contact, but does not have to. Besides the momentary fun of it, sex is healthy for our […]

Play It Safe

Sexual health tools and toys can be a great way to enjoy your body, but with so many unregulated products available it’s necessary to know which materials are, and are not, body-safe.  Some contain chemicals that leach out into the body while other products are covered with microscopic pores that can harbor bacteria. Fortunately, with […]

How To Overcome Sexual Shame

This post is by Chris Maxwell Rose There is an invisible force that affects all of us, in and out of the bedroom. It can disrupt your pleasure, limit your ideas of what is possible and hold you back from pursuing your true desires. This force goes by a deceptively simple name: shame. Leading shame research […]

Sex Therapy for Self Awakening

by Dr. Zeb Lancaster – www.ortantrasanctuary.com Sexuality is the fundamental root of creative drive. If your sexual Self is blocked, your creative energies just can’t flow. However, exploring your sexuality in a safe, respectful way, allows you to tap into the unique expression of your life-energy. Attuning to your sensory experience awakens a profound dimension […]

Jade Egg for Women’s Vitality and Pleasure

by Kim Keller – Kim@kimrosekeller.com Thousands of years ago Taoists discovered that the key to a long and healthy life was directly related to the cultivation of sexual energy. Thus emerged the ancient practice of Jade Egg use. What we know today is that use of a Jade Egg has a direct impact on female pelvic […]

Love Revolution – Viva La Revolucion!

Viva La Revolucion! by Mitchell Walzer and Brenda Johnson Ever wonder how Ashland’s first intimacy boutique started? It all started with a dream… A Dream A society that fosters healthy, loving relationships and individuals would be a happier and healthier place to live, right? In a world without shame, just maybe we would all love […]

True Love (or is it just the chocolate?)

by Mitchell Walzer and Brenda Johnson Four thousand years ago Mesoamerican shamans drank kakaw, the food of the Gods during their sacred ceremonies. The heady beverage of bitter, frothy fermented cacao beans helped to elevate their sublime spiritual experiences. Warriors ate cakes of kakaw and corn for strength and stamina in battle. It was also […]

Love Is In the Air

Each year when Valentine’s Day rolls around we participate in the ancient Catholic celebration of Saint Vincent, which author Geoffrey Chaucer romanticized in a poem he wrote the 14th century. Since then the holiday has become an occasion to celebrate love and romance. Each year on February 14 we express it to those whom we […]