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What Do I Do?

I recently had someone call me to say, “I’ve been reading your articles for years, but I don’t really know what you do.” So, I thought I’d better explain. I see patients to help with any health concerns they may have. Colds, flu, cough, aches, pains, back and neck problems, fatigue, hypertension, and adverse blood […]

When to Use Anti-Inflammatories and When to Avoid Them

A friend contacted me to let me know he’d had a toxic reaction that induced swelling. He immediately started an anti-inflammatory and couldn’t understand why he became increasingly ill. I explained that his use of the anti-inflammatory was inappropriate. Inflammation is a protective device for your body. There are times when using natural or over […]

Healthy Travel

Eating healthy at home isn’t difficult, once you get the hang of it. Doing so while traveling can be a challenge. So here’s some tips to help you avoid illness or discomfort, while keeping your energy up and your mood positive on a trip. Car travel is easier, since you can always bring a cooler […]


Opioid abuse has become epidemic. Prescribed pharmaceuticals for pain relief have led countless people into drug addiction. Pain was the first thing which the AMA and WHO (World Health Organization) acknowledged that TCM excelled at treating. So why hasn’t it been fully utilized to prevent the tragedy of addiction? TCM and nutrition are powerful tools […]

Back and Joint Pain

Pain is scary. Not knowing the source of your pain can be terrifying. But the majority of back pain is structural and fairly easily remedied. Muscles, ligaments and tendons hold your bones in place. Think of each bone in your spine as a spool of thread held taunt between two rubber bands. If the right […]


Depression is not ‘All in Your Head’. It’s a physical reality caused by the body’s inability to function as it should. If your body is physically depressed then you’ll be emotionally depressed. Once underlying issues are resolved the symptoms of depression disappear. People typically have different combinations of problems that create depression. Depression can present […]

Snacking and Skipping Meals

If you have pets you know they insist on eating on time, the same time every day. Your body isn’t any different; it expects regular meals at regular times. Skipping meals, or not eating regularly, creates internal stress and can actually make you gain weight. It can also induce pain, and contribute to other serious […]


Dairy is often used as a major source of protein in the American diet, but it can lead to a number of health issues. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration requires dairy products sold in stores to be pasteurized – a process of partial sterilization to kill bacteria. Pasteurizing prolongs shelf life so products can […]

Nancy Burton L.Ac. Reclaiming Our Health

We read her columns every month. LocalsGuide Rock Star, Health Advocate, Licensed Acupuncturist and Healer Nancy Burton is back with an important message; “You Can Reclaim Your Health”. It is within your grasp! Nancy takes a strong, grounded and educated stance against the status quo. She goes above and beyond to treat her clients holistically, […]

Cancer Prevention and Treatment

We all have cancer cells in our bodies. Some of us have a family history of cancer. But genetic research shows that we can switch on or off family propensities for health issues. My job is to give people the tools to switch those tendencies off. These tools, used hand in hand with conventional cancer […]

Alzheimers, Dementia and Memory Problems

Memory problems are scary for everyone involved. Luckily, there’s much that can be done for prevention and in the early stages of disease. Various things can affect memory, including fatigue, stress, blood sugar, not eating enough protein, lack of protein assimilation, and hormonal imbalances. All of which can be treated using prescribed supplements or Chinese […]

Arthritis and Chronic Pain

When treating arthritis, or any chronic pain, I have various herbal formulas I prescribe. Specifically, ones for bone pain and regeneration, inflammation, disc injury or pain, pain intensified with heat or with cold, stiffness or pain after inactivity, knotted muscles, to enhance circulation and for healing ligaments and tendons. But an essential component of every […]

Dealing with Smoke

It’s that time of year. Smoke fills the sky – and your lungs if you aren’t wearing a mask. I see so many people out and about without masks on. “It’s just like sitting around a camp fire.” I hear all too often. Except it’s not! Aside from grass and trees burning, there are chemicals […]

Where to Go For Help

Over twenty years ago I was traveling through Kentucky and stopped in a small town to pick up a few items at the local grocery store. I met an elderly woman, bent with osteoporosis, with hands so gnarled and swollen her fingers looked like tree roots. She was struggling to remove a container of strawberries […]

A Healthy Way to Start Your Day

How you start your morning can make all the difference in how you feel throughout the entire day. And what you do each day can impact how you feel the rest of your life. Here are a few health tips my patients have found to have positive impact on the way they feel. First thing […]

Comprehensive Health Care

It breaks my heart to see so much needless suffering in this country. People struggle with assorted health issues and don’t have a clue where to go for help. Many people believe western medicine is their only option. They assume if that fails they’re doomed to suffer. Other people tell themselves their health issues are […]

Fibromyalgia and Other Acute and Chronic Pain

Fibromyalgia is not a disease. It’s simply a group of symptoms. For many years patients with this complaint were told it was all in their heads, or told they were depressed and placed on antidepressants. This was because there were no tests that validated the problem: nothing obviously was wrong. But as an increasing number […]

The Necessity for Joy

One of my patients made the comment that sugar was the only joy she permitted herself. She’s a mom with a full time job. Today women are expected to fulfill all the traditional roles, including childcare, cooking, cleaning and chauffeuring kids around while juggling the additional responsibility of a full time job. Something has to […]

Apple Cider Vinegar verses Cultured Vegetables. A recurring question my patients ask.

Apple Cider Vinegar, specifically Bragg’s brand, can be beneficial when people don’t have enough stomach acid to digest their food. Frequently the stomach issues people take anti-acids for are caused by not having enough acid in their stomachs. Anti-acids can inhibit the ability to digest food, creating additional health problems as the ability to assimilate […]


Doctors are now attending seminars and reading articles about de-prescribing. This means get-ting people off of drugs. Prescribed medications are a major cause of death in this country. Drug companies have promoted the 5 over 50 rule, meaning that everyone over 50 should be on at least 5 medications. But drugs have side effects, which […]

Life Force

Every living thing has a life force: energy or Qi. That life force can be supplemented or depleted   during a life span. Plants need nutrients, sun, water and clean air to survive. They have a limited ability to acquire what they need by reaching out with their roots and leaves. Animals have more leeway to […]

Nancy Burton, Reclaiming Our Health

Dear Readers, Once again I’d like to thank you for not only reading my articles, but sharing them with your family and friends. My purpose in writing them is to get as much information out to as many people as possible. I appreciate your help with this. Thank you for your positive feedback, which is […]

Peace on Earth

During the holidays a common theme is ‘Peace on Earth, Good Will Towards Man’. Traditionally, holiday charity included feeding the poor. As opposed to simply good will, historically speaking, this was a survival tactic of the wealthy. There’s an economic formula that determines what percent of the population has to be starving before revolution results. […]

Holiday Mood

Holiday lights, decorations, and music set the mood for this special season, as does food. What you eat through out the holiday season determines to a great extent if you are happy, energized, calm and relaxed, or aggravated, fatigued, overwhelmed and irritable. Meals and snacks eaten during this busy time and food served at holiday […]

Seasonal Support

As the weather gets colder, cold hands, feet and noses can become an issue. Cold is understandable, but painfully cold means a lack of circulation. In extreme cases extremities have a burning sensation and can turn dark or purple. The types of food you’re eating, how you’re assimilating those foods, and you’re body’s ability to […]

Smoke Inhalation

With over a month of breathing smoke our lungs, lymph, liver, spleen and kidneys (our detox organs) have been working over time. Here are some ideas to deal with smoke, and help recover from smoke inhalation. It’s easy to get smoke and ash particles in your lungs but not so easy to get them out. […]

Snoring and Mouth Breathing: Warning Signs

Mouth breathing, as opposed to air flowing freely through the nose, is a common phenomenon. What isn’t common knowledge is how this impairment of air can adversely effect your health. Snoring is mouth breathing at night, typically the result of phlegm blocking nasal passages. Phlegm accumulation can create masses, such as cysts, polyps, or tumors, […]

Hormone Disruptors

Hormones comprise the communication network of the body. They regulate temperature, glucose assimilation, calcium uptake, bone mass, water metabolism, immune and digestive systems, weight, and energy, to name just a few of their functions. If your hormones aren’t working properly its like having your internet and phone connections malfunction. It initially causes little problems which […]


Achieving optimal health involves more than eating right and exercise. It means taking care of yourself in additional ways, including taking time for yourself. Making room for down time, fun time, family time, time with your partner, with friends, and alone time, are all important for your spirit, mind and body. Down time gets you […]

Acupuncture: What’s the Point?

I’ve discussed the importance of eating foods rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and good fats to nourish and heal the body. I’ve written about the necessity not only to ingest nutritious foods but to make sure your digestive system is able to break down your food, filter out the water and waste, and deliver […]

Rebalancing the Body: Internal Dampness

When helping my patients adjust their diets for optimal healing, one of the most common modifications involves the over consumption of damp foods. This can be a confusing concept but one of great import to future overall health. TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) is based on the Taoist concept of Yin and Yang, which are opposites. […]

The Politics of Food

During the Great Depression people were starving. The majority of farms were small family-run operations. But people couldn’t afford what farmers grew. Farms were going into foreclosure at an alarming rate. The US government stepped in. They realized that even when people could once again afford food, if enough farmers weren’t growing it, starvation would […]

Nancy Burton, L.Ac. – Reclaiming Our Health

Dear Community, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you, and everyone who’s been kind enough to let me know they appreciate my articles. Many of you have told me that you save them and send them to friends and family. Your feedback gives me incentive to keep writing and sharing. I’d also like […]

Health Tips

Drinking Enough Water: Our bodies are made up mostly of water, so drinking enough each day is essential. Many people have trouble drinking water this time of year because when they drink water they opt for ice water, or chilled water from a refrigerator dispenser. These will cool or chill you. Warm or hot water […]

Health Tips: Holiday Meals

How many times have you been tired and grouchy after eating a big holiday meal? Look at what that meal consists of. Many holiday meals are mostly starches: mashed potatoes, yams, dressing, breads, and sweets, all high on the glycemic index. These foods give people a peak and then crash of energy. Taking smaller servings […]

Modern Science Validates Ancient Wisdom

Genetic studies have taught us that we have DNA that determines if we are likely to get cancer, heart disease, strokes, Alzheimers or any number of diseases. There are even tests available to list your genetic propensities. But we now know that those genetic tendencies can be switched on or off with diet and lifestyle […]


Eight months after being involved in a serious auto accident, I was introduced to Traditional Chinese Medicine. After relying on more conventional methods, to no avail, I was ready to try anything. I’d heard about Acupuncture and Chinese herbs but really didn’t know anything about them. When I began a series of treatments with a […]

Helping Kids (& Adults) Learn

I once attended a fair with a friend and his five year old daughter. As soon as we entered the grounds he bought her the first sweet, junk food that caught her eye. “Do you realize what you’ve just done?” I inquire as she happily munched away. “Give her five minutes and you won’t understand […]