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Homing In: Exploring Your Nesting Instinct

On August 2nd I will be teaching my one-day “Homing-In” seminar, here in Ashland. If you are thinking of building a home and if you are interested in building a natural, healthy and ecological home, then this seminar is designed for you. In the seminar you will learn about the Building Biology Principles for health […]

Homes that Pass the Test of Time

In our fast-paced and ever changing culture we seldom have the luxury of making choices based on a long track record of success. This becomes quickly apparent in choosing building products. I recently called a major manufacturer to find out what was in a new product developed to prevent mold growth on framing lumber. I […]

If Doctors Made House Calls

When I was a kid and I got sick…the doctor came to me. My mom would scurry about cleaning up the house as this honored guest was on his way.  It is unfortunate on many levels that doctors can no longer offer this service. Having spent many years speaking to hundreds of people who have […]

What a Natural Building Workshop Means

At EcoNest we hold four Natural Building Workshop sessions each year. Students are met at their own level and then gently challenged to cultivate and hone the innate builder within them.  Whether the entry point is “screw gun 101” or refining complex wooden joinery skills the environment is created and the tone is set for […]

Biological Food/Biological Home

So many Ashlanders are hip to the benefits of investing in local, organic food and grasp the relationship between our health and good ecological citizenship. Thinking this way about our shelters is less common but every bit as important for our own well-being and in our quest for a sustainable future. The story of food […]

Secrets of Healthy Heating from Northern Europe

As the days grow colder we savor the warmth of home.  When it comes to cozy, nothing beats the presence of a toasty fire. The deep penetrating heat, dancing flames and crackling roar delight our senses. Having a relationship with this powerful element evokes a deep sense of home. The hearth is the heart of […]