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The Story Ashland Block Party

First Fridays is one of our favorite things about Ashland. We love the sense of community it brings and how everyone comes together for a day packed full of fun, food, music, art, and amazing culture. From the silent disco, to the wine tasting, to the art walk, to the endless taste bud tingling food […]

You’re Invited Easter Sunday!

Easter is such a fun day of the year. Growing up as a kid we had some really fun Easter traditions in my house. I remember waking up every Easter morning with so much excitement just waiting to see what the Easter Bunny had brought that year. As I stepped out of my room into […]

The Story

Stories…why is our culture so infatuated and captivated by stories? Why is it that children love falling asleep to the voice of their father or mother telling them bedtime stories? Why do our minds compose new stories at night as we fall asleep and begin to dream? What is it about Snapchat or Instagram stories […]

Xavier Brasseur Welcome to the Story!

The Story was started by Xavier Brasseur in October 2017 as a small community church that gathered in Lithia Park. The church was originally comprised of 15 to 20 close friends and family. As word spread The Story grew to fill the Ashland Community Center with 150 people. Within another few months they expanded again […]

What’s Your Story?

Hello Ashland, and welcome to The Story! We would like to introduce ourselves by sharing a bit of our story with you. I was born in Ashland and grew up here in the Rogue Valley. In August of 2017 my wife Lisa and I decided to start a brand new church to help people discover […]