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Whole Food Nutrition

At Three Sisters Midwifery, we place a big emphasis on nutrition.  Through our experience working with hundreds of families, we know that when a mom eats well throughout her pregnancy both she and her baby are getting what they need to grow strong and healthy.  Great prenatal nutrition positively affects babies for a lifetime and […]

Empowered Motherhood

All mothers want the best for their children, and that certainly continues even when they are all grown up and having children themselves! When choosing a home birth, many clients wonder when a transport to the hospital would be necessary, and what that would look like. While most of our births are completed at home, […]

HypnoBirthing® with The Mongan Method is Beneficial for Every Mother and Baby

As with any other practice we engage in, such as yoga, dance, or a musical instrument, the practice of HypnoBirthing® will look different for each woman and baby.  At Three Sisters Midwifery, we have witnessed countless women using the practice of this method to support birthing, each in her own way.  Marie Mongan’s, HypnoBirthing® The […]

Why have a BabyMoon?

Around the world, women traditionally have a period of rest after birth to heal and bond with their baby. In America, this tradition has been lost, and women are encouraged to get back to work and normal activities as soon as possible. Some mothers have no choice but to return to work in order to […]

Beginnings are so important!

Deep in my midwife bones, I know this is what it is all about…. When a pregnant mom walks into our prenatal space, my eyes see a “mama-baby.”  No separation.  We protect and nourish baby by nourishing and supporting mother. We think of her as mama-baby.   No separation; right from the beginning. This template of […]

Why Homebirth? Part One: Hormones

Birth is vital, raw, and powerful. The natural birthing process involves a cascade of hormones that strengthen contractions, deepen mother-infant bonding, and bring on sensations of euphoria. Routine medical practices, from Pitocin labor augmentation to unfamiliar people and bright lights, can interfere with these natural hormones. It is much easier to support the natural hormones […]

Ordinary Miracle

Imagine the scenario–Parents are together in the birthing tub in a quiet, dim room.  Midwives quietly check baby’s heart rate, whisper encouragements.  Deep slow breaths, low grunty sounds.  Mother exclaims, “The baby’s coming!” and then the whoosh of new life as the parents receive their baby.  The next words are often, “She’s here!” or “I […]

Three Sisters Midwifery

When I found out I was pregnant with my second baby, I knew I wanted to have a different experience from the first one. My first birth was at a California birth center with a midwife who became increasingly anxious due to a regulation, 3-hour time limit of the 2nd stage. I birthed my baby […]