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Purpose Driven

What does it mean to live with a purpose? Part of having purpose is understanding and appreciating that there are unique gifts within you. When you are purpose driven, life is more vibrant and happiness is effortless because your gaze is focused on the present moment and making the future even better. Discovering your gifts, […]

Conscious Creators Club

First I would like offer a heartfelt thank you to all of my clients.  Ashland is a warm and welcoming community and after my interview in last month’s issue, many people sought out my services.  The willingness of my clients to participate in their own healing has been nothing short of amazing.  There is sometimes […]

Pure and Limitless Imagination

Working with a Transformational life coach is like hiring a personal trainer to go along with the gym membership.  Imagine yourself as a child, uninhibited and free from daily responsibilities.  With pure and limitless dreams the doorways are endless.  You now open a door and see your ideal life but find the entry blockaded.  What […]

Five Tips of the Millionaire Mindset

Money is a vital component of most people’s lives and the word ‘abundance’ is usually associated with the word ‘money.’  Let’s be honest, some folks are doing what they love and are financially abundant and secure while others are struggling to get by.  Why are some people rich while others struggle and never feel the […]