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True South Solar – Rooftop + Storage Revolution

For the past 9 years we have been closely following the Southern Oregon Rooftop Revolution. There is a great cultural shift towards generating and creating one’s power. So if you’re paying a monthly electric bill then you need to be paying attention! In today’s interview I speak with the CEO and Founder of True South […]

True South Solar 2.0 Commercial Roof Top Revolution

Flying into the Rogue Valley you can catch a view of the rooftop revolution alive and well in Southern Oregon! Homeowners and local business owners have moved forward to place their votes for a future with solar independence. In today’s interview I speak with Eric Hansen, owner of hometown favorite in commercial and residential solar […]

Going Solar Made Simple

Hey guys, last month had an amazing response to our interview in the LocalsGuide. We received many phone calls and inquiries with one of the biggest questions being “how can I get started with going solar?”.  Here is a quick overview our our process here at True South Solar. 1) To get started “going solar” […]

Solar Options

Summer is here and solar production is a its highest. When we meet with clients we  answer a lot of questions about a system’s options and these are the most common questions: • What’s the most efficient system with the best payback? • What about battery backup for power when the grid goes down? • […]