Awakening! The gift of the times.

I have just returned from India where I have been in the Oneness Movement for the last four years. While there I was initiated as a Oneness Trainer, someone who carries the frequency of awakening and the vision of humankind waking up now and in the next two years by two very auspiscious Avatars, Sri AmmaBhagavan in south India. As avatars they have come to earth at this time to fulfill humanities need . . . to set humanity free!

This past March 20th, these two avatars have released the full power of Mukthi deeksha (enlightenment) across the planet and many thousands are awakening. This morning we had a webcast, which we have ever week live from India with these two avatars, of over 1.5 million people! This is no small phenomenon. Ashland has been having many events offering this divine blessing for over 6 years and with the full power being released in March, has seen a rise in involvement and attendance as well as grace. You may have noticed yourself how much kinder people are, or generous, or not willing to fight. Times are changing.

There is a grand story here.

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