Blackberry Brandy

Did you pick a ton of blackberries this year and don't know what to do with them? Try this recipe for an any-fruit brandy:


*3 qts fruit (blackberries in this case)
*3 gals water at 112 deg. F
*1 small cake Champagne yeast
*10 lbs sugar (cane is best, not bee)
*3 quartered lemons
*4 lbs raisins


1. Combine all but the raisins in appropriate-sized container with a lid.
2. Stir once everyday for 7 days.
3. Add raisins after 7 days.
4. Let stand 21 days, then remove fruit and siphon off fluid.
5. Let stand 5 days, siphon and bottle.

You can drink the brandy within 3 months, but I find it tastes better with age. At 3 months, it tastes too much like an overly sweet table wine.

Consider finding nice bottles and decorating them, as they make wonderful gifts.


Submitted by Kyle Stich, Ashland

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