Boulevard Coffee

Ashland’s Newest Coffee Shop

A few days ago I invited my friend Sam to meet me at Boulevard Coffee, Ashland’s newest coffee shop, located inside the Stratford Inn at 555 Siskiyou Boulevard.  I had not been to this coffee shop and wanted to see what it was all about.  My first impression was the abundance of natural light and the beautiful

views available from inside the coffee shop.  There were large windows with counters and stools lining much of the café.   What a great setting to visit with a friend or to get some work done while gazing out at Grizzly Peak!

There was a comfy looking couch and several overstuffed chairs in addition to the more conventional table, chair and bench seating to choose from.  It was a quiet afternoon and after we selected a table, Sam and I approached the counter.  We were met by a friendly barista who greeted us and took our orders.  I chose a hazelnut latte and Sam ordered a decaf mocha with “lots of” whipped cream.   Moments later our drinks were ready – they were beautifully presented with swirled designs.  The coffee drinks were fairly strong but not overly sweet.  I asked the barista about the coffee and learned that it is from local Noble Coffee Roasting.

Sam was a bit hungry so we considered the various food offerings.  They included assorted locally made pastries, breakfast burritos and a freezer case filled with incredible looking gelatos. {{{0}}} The selection was ample and the prices were very reasonable.  We split a toasted bagel.  Next time I think I will save my appetite and opt for the gelato – they looked so good.

There was a computer on a nearby counter that was available to patrons.  When I tried to log in I was directed to check my register receipt for an access code.  At the bottom of the receipt I found a code that was my “internet password”.   How convenient that I was able to quickly check email without having to bring a laptop along!

I asked another barista if this coffee shop was a favorite among students because it seemed to me a welcoming place to meet friends.  She replied that some high school students frequented the shop during the lunch hour.  And why wouldn’t they?  Boulevard Coffee offers good food, great coffee, reasonable prices and a clean, relaxed environment.   What more could you want?

Boulevard Coffee  |  555 Siskiyou Boulevard  |  Ashland, Oregon 97520
Tel: 482-0456