‘I accept my brilliance.’

This was the focus of our Nia practice today, chosen at random from the basket of cards we created for 2010.

Your mission:  should you choose to accept it, is your brilliance.

Accept the wild brilliance of your body; with all its 75 trillion cells shimmering like stars, metabolizing and burning bright in the universe of your flesh and bones, like so many busy hummingbirds, keeping the home fires burning in the hearth of the temple of your precious body.

Accept the wild brilliance your mind, just as it is: left brain, right brain, corpus collosum, cerebellum, brain stem and spinal cord, all neurons shimmering their messages like miniature lightnings, like fireflies; and that greater aspect of mind that includes but is beyond the nervous system.

Accept the wild brilliance of your own heart; beating inside your chest, drumming out its rhythmic song of life to which we stomp and dance, its heart flame brilliant, whether shy or gregarious, grief stricken or joyful, playful or contemplative.

Accept the brilliance of your wild spirit; your uniqueness, your energy field that shimmers and shines, that sways and gallops, that sparkles and glides its way through the steppes of the Mystery.

Accept and receive from the Holy the gift of your brilliance.

Your mission: should you choose to accept is; is to glisten, luminesce, radiate and beam forth the shine of your natural soul, and to rest within and be nourished by its wild shimmering brilliance, as the moon is by the sun and, as well, the very ground of our own Earth-body-soul-home.

Do you accept?

Just say Yes!

Rachael R. Resch, MS PT,  is a certified Black Belt instructor of the Nia Technique and teaches at The DanceSpace in Ashland —




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