Daystar Mystery School Mentoring Program

I will be launching Mid July … The Daystar Mystery School Mentoring Program. It is specifically designed to catalyze YOU into your greatness, power and abundant nature. Working with the deepest Wisdom Teachings of the Ages, students are empowered into Soul Purpose and Mastery. In the ancient world, a Mystery School … was a training ground for the Deep Mysteries of the Ages. There were and still are, many layers and levels of understandings for those with the eyes to see and the ears to hear and, more to the point, with the heart to feel. Many were trained in multiple skills according to their nature and adept gifts. Each step required great tests, endurance, and a readiness to relinquish the ‘limited self’ in order to accomplish the depth and expansion required. In our modern times, we are looking at similar principles, and particularly as we have moved into times steeped in prophecy. We are often dealing with extremely sabotaging patterns, fears and traumas that thwart our happiness and success at every turn, and in numerous areas of our lives simultaneously. We may be completely unaware as to why we feel the pain, confusion, powerlessness and unhappiness that we do. It is crucial to learn, step into, obtain and uphold mastery on all levels to achieve lasting peace within, to live a creative and abundant life as part of achieving one’s Highest Purpose in this lifetime. It is no longer about hiding out in a monastery, it is all about living life, fully in it. And this requires the deepest Healing right to the core of our deepest selves.

The Mentoring Program covers 8 Initiations:
Anatomy, The Gift of Breath, Harnessing the Mental Body, Open to the Feeling Body, Your ‘Divine GPS,’ The POWER of Prayer, Making space for more Love;what needs to go, Frequency Modulation, SACRED Sexuality; Balance of Masculine & Feminine within, revealing YOU.

Within the 8 Gates a few of the subjects covered will be:
How to clear trapped energies that are redundant and unwanted from your field, Discernment, Protection, Zero Point Zone of Forgiveness, SPECIFICITY in your Prayer and Why, Reclaiming your Spirit, Learn to unveil the symptoms of a layer, Creating space for more LOVE, IGNITE your Spiritual Mojo, and Your THREEFOLD Flame in your Heart.

BENEFITS will your ability to tap your True-North, expansion into the unified field, clarity, access into the Zero Point Zone of True Power and navigating through life fluidly.

These Teachings are life altering and sets a re-patterning within; setting free, the trajectory that has been woven from the past.

Included in the Training, you will receive: 1.5 Hour initial assessment Healing and Astrology Chart & Transit Reading. Personal Consultations. A Manual Workbook. Instructional Visual Exercises delivered on MP3’s. Access to Tools & Prayers that are reserved for aspirants. Please CALL JULIET now for more details regards your individual or group participation, a more in-depth understanding, and the cost and possible payment plan. 541-613-7205

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