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Eclipse Season 

We have 2 eclipses this month and they are powerful. The coming Solar Eclipse New Moon@11.41pm on the 12th will prove to be the Biggest New Moon of 2015. The  Lunar Eclipse Full Moon, the Harvest Moon in the sign of Aries, @7.50pm on the 27th September. Guided Journey Meditation at The Sanctuary will be on the 12th & 27th @7pm The Haven Guided Journey […]

The Summer of Love

Here we are in the Summer months and the fires of Leo are glowing. Our hearts are softening and opening to the call … ”On an individual level we are each being asked to experience The School of Leo – the influence of fire, passion, creativity, and self-expression.  Essentially, it has a lot to do with the essence of the […]

Juliet Butters Doty

GUIDED JOURNEY MEDITATIONS will fall on the 1st, 15th & the 30th July @ The Sanctuary. @The Ashland Haven will be the 2nd & 16th July. Donation of $10 Please call Juliet of the where exactly. The DAYSTAR MYSTERY SCHOOL will move into full swing this FALL starting mid September. CLASSES will cover; #HOW TO […]

“OMG it’s Summer” SPECIAL

I am truly grateful to all the gorgeous women who chose to spend the weekend at the Haven with me for the SHAKTI workshop. It proved to be ‘deeply powerful, giving tools to navigate the inner realms, as we pierced the veil’. A Goddess Mentoring Program is the result now and I will deliver it this summer […]

It’s Time

Are you willingly to stand fully in your posture of Who you Are in totality? Can you bear the waves of energy that have been calling you deeper & deeper? Can you go there into the depths and Breathe freely? Is your pathway clear to do so? Indeed for some it is seemingly impossible … […]

Juliet Butters Doty – SHAKTI and Her many Forms

SHAKTI and Her many Forms by Juliet Butters Doty I am very excited to present a workshop unveiling the 5 Faces of the Goddess. She has come to us many times over countless aeons to usher us Home to more LOVE. She has been speaking strongly to me and these are her latest words … […]

A Visual Journey into the Heart …

  I invite you on a journey. Allow everything to dissolve so that all that is left, as you breathe in and out, slowly coming into your personal pace …. is the Heart. We call upon this amazing moment in time and call upon the Life Force Power of the Universe, Prime Creator of All […]

Healing, Peace & LOVE

There are so many of us who are being impulsed to question our lives, right now. Are you really Happy? Why are you here? What is your innate design and why has your life played out as it has? Ponder upon these questions; they will lead you deeper within yourself. You inner world is key […]

Trauma Release

by Paul Doty I want to thank my wife, Juliet Butters Doty, for allowing me to use her spot here to announce my getting back in the game. After moving from Australia we are settling into Ashland and it’s time for me to offer my trauma release practice again. I work with severe trauma; from […]

Eclipsed Change is the Flavour of October!

The Lights are green and we have all been given the Go Ahead. Time to move forward and test the waters … to get your feet wet with the new YOU. Astrologically, we have been put through the ringer seemingly forever over the last year or more. Saturn and Mars have been insisting on an […]

The Flowering of Creativity

Even as our world as we know it seems to be falling apart, at times it seems rather violent and scary as we, as I write this, the USA, have declared war on Iraq again, Israel and Hamas; need I say any more about that! … life as we know it is changing, and fast. […]

Heat. Fire. The SUN

How are you feeling in your heart? Are you allowing your heart the full capacity and space it needs to express your truth, your vulnerable self outwards for all to know who you truly are? Allow the crescendo of summer, assisted by the LION Heart energies of Leo, to melt your heart and flowing out […]

Daystar Mystery School Mentoring Program

I will be launching Mid July … The Daystar Mystery School Mentoring Program. It is specifically designed to catalyze YOU into your greatness, power and abundant nature. Working with the deepest Wisdom Teachings of the Ages, students are empowered into Soul Purpose and Mastery. In the ancient world, a Mystery School … was a training […]

Invitation to a Visual Journey Meditation

Allow yourself to venture out of what is ‘your normal’ and come on an adventurous journey … Seeing a cascade of light that penetrates deep into your Soul; allow this light to seep in; sinking into the innermost places. Plunge into the light now as if it is a pool of the smoothest silk-like caress […]

Jeepers. How has your ‘April experience in life’ been for you?

It has been certainly been one of the biggest astrological configurations for many decades. A lot of pressure has been sent through the planetary realms directly to this earth plane. The Earth has indeed expressed herself in a variety of earthquakes, fires, mudslides and weather extravaganzas to free her authenticity. The same is occurring internally […]

Unwind the Soul

Can you feel the Quickening? It is time to pull our heads out of the sand and finally wake up all parts of ourselves to all of who we have ever been across all time. We are Magnificent Beings of amazing creativity and power. The planet, our children and our children’s children, need us all […]

Thank You!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the community of Ashland for your amazing support and interest in my work. I have been blown away actually, with the amount of phone calls and consequently, a full work schedule as a result. There is so much impacting us at this time in our evolutionary […]

Unwind the Soul

There’s a new Sensitive in town.  Direct from Byron Bay, Australia and Hawaii, Juliet Butters-Doty moved to Ashland last summer, bringing her unique approach as a Spiritual Body Trainer.  Juliet has invested much of her life exploring what keeps us lost in the maze of life, for example, repeating broken records. “When we are deeply […]