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The Oregon Energy Healing Center is dedicated to giving our community access to the Energy Enhancement System, a powerful energy healing technology designed to enhance the well-being of our community in body, mind and spirit.

In today’s interview I spoke with owner/managers, Jim Jordan and Jewel Baldwin, to learn more about their new Healing Center.

Jim and Jewel, thank you very much for taking the time to speak with me today and congratulations on the successful launch of your business.

Thank you, Shields! We’re excited to speak with you about our new enterprise.

To begin with, please introduce yourselves to us.


I’m a former attorney who got into the field of natural healing as a result of going through a chronic illness in my 20’s. After years of trying to get well using allopathic medicine, I finally began to retrieve my health when I turned to a combination of holistic modalities including nutrition, detoxification, Chinese medicine and meditation. This was a turning point in my life both professionally and personally.

Since 1997, I’ve been in the natural healing profession as a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Microscopist and Microscopy Trainer. In the early 2000’s I worked as a Clinical Nutritionist at the Optimal Wellness Center in Chicago with Dr. Joseph Mercola. I’ve had my own practice, Create Vibrant Health, in Ashland, Oregon since moving here from Chicago in 2007. I’m also the author of Your Health is in Your Hands: The Three Reasons You’re Not Well and What to Do About It.

Since 2012, I have been researching and incorporating cutting edge energy medicine technologies into my practice including: red light therapy, scalar wave lasers and the NES Health Bio-Energetic Wellness System.


Since the mid-90’s, I’ve been a professional Life Coach specializing in relationships and women’s empowerment. I’ve also created and led numerous workshops and seminars focused on cultivating communication skill sets and empowering my clients to learn how to navigate their lives with more grace and ease.

I moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to the Rogue Valley in 2003 because Ashland seemed like a much more friendly, manageable and creative place to raise my daughter who was 7 years old at the time. I am happy to say I was right! I am so grateful to our community for the educational and cultural opportunities here and for the beauty of our valley that became such a wonderful foundation for my daughter’s life.

When Jim and I came together in Ashland 12 years ago, we realized we had a shared passion for making the world a better place by helping our clients move through challenging places in their lives physically, emotionally and spiritually. We also dedicated ourselves to researching and exploring new and more effective ways to support people on their healing journey.

Jim, tell us a bit about how you first came up with the idea for creating the Oregon Energy Healing Center?

In late May of 2022 my mother, Claudine Jordan, who was living outside of Sedona, AZ at the time, had a series of mini-strokes. I recommended to her a combination of laser therapy and supplement protocols to address the underlying causes of her condition. However, I recognized that this might not be sufficient to reverse the damage caused by the strokes.

Around the time that my mother was experiencing these mini-strokes, Jewel showed me a video about a new healing technology called the Energy Enhancement System featuring founder Dr. Sandra Rose Michael. Further investigation led me to discover that the Energy Enhancement System (EES) was a computer-generated technology that uses healing frequencies in combination with scalar energy.

This technology seemed potentially more powerful than any of the other energy medicine modalities I had been using in my practice. I felt it was important to find a location near Sedona offering the Energy Enhancement System so that my mother could experience the technology.

Fortunately, Sedona happened to be home to one of the first Energy Enhancement Systems available for public use in the U.S. My brother kindly offered to fly to Arizona to help my mother to the EES facility there. After just one 2-hour session, my mother no longer needed her walker and her energy and mood had substantially improved.

In the weeks that followed, my mother attended EES sessions 3 times/week and her ability to function was steadily improving. Not only did her cognitive function get restored but the pancreatitis condition she was dealing with at the time cleared up as well.

At this point, Jewel and I both became excited about what the technology was doing for people who were struggling with a wide variety of health challenges. I decided to investigate further by calling the 30 or so public EES locations that were operating in the U.S at that time. The results being reported to me from different centers all over the country were so positive that my interest in this healing technology took another leap forward.

In late July of 2022, I drove to Arizona to visit my mother and to experience the Energy Enhancement System for myself. I spent 5 weeks in Sedona doing an average of three, two-hour sessions/week. During those 5 weeks I felt more resilient, more confident and more at peace than I had felt in decades. During this time, I became clear that I wanted to bring EES to our community in Southern Oregon.

At this point, Jewel and I had no idea how we would gather the resources and find the right location to open a new business, but we were clear about our vision and intention to make it happen.

We were delighted to find that many people wanted to back our action. We felt incredibly supported by our community and a lot of magic happened to bring everything together on a very short timeline. There was definitely a strong sense that this was “meant to be” and in June of 2023 we opened our doors.

Jim, can you give us some background and a bit of the story behind where this technology came from?

The origination point for the Energy Enhancement System goes back to the early 2000’s. EES founder, Dr. Sandra Rose Michael, was the daughter of two PhD’s. Her mother had a doctorate in physics and was part of a team of scientists who invented the atomic bomb. Her father had a PhD in engineering and was instrumental in the development of WWII bombers.

When Dr. Michael was a young woman and became aware of her parent’s professions, she decided that unlike her parents, her life mission was to cultivate healing energy for the world. This sent her on an extensive course of study in many healing modalities, the net result of which granted her the very exceptional designation of Hawaiian Kahuna, a rare title for an American Caucasian woman.

After practicing her healing work for decades, Dr. Michael felt called to find a way to have the healing energy that she was transmitting much more widely available. This led her to meet and partner with computer programming experts who shared her vision for the use of technology to serve and support healing. It was out of this collaborative effort and shared vision that the Energy Enhancement System was born in the early 2000’s in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Jewel, please share what captured your interest the most in looking into this technology?

I believe that while conventional medicine certainly has its benefits, there are also real limitations in the way we think about healing and disease. I have felt for most of my life that our world is in need of a new paradigm for healing and that the emerging field of Energy Medicine is an answer to that calling.

I’m not necessarily a big fan of the latest innovation in technology and, frankly, I was a bit skeptical about EES when I first heard about it, but when I started to see the kinds of results people were having by just sitting in a room relaxing in a comfortable reclining chair, I got very excited about what this could mean for our community.

My interest grew when I discovered that the system not only works to support physical challenges but also to lift people up mentally, emotionally and spiritually. For me, the Energy Enhancement System gives us hope for ourselves and for our future.

When people visit the Healing Center for a session, how does the process work?

When people come to the Oregon Energy Healing Center their first step is to become a member. We are actually a Membership Club and as such everyone who wants to receive our services becomes a member. There is no fee attached to becoming a member. You simply read and sign our Membership Agreement Form and provide some basic information.

Next, we invite our members to leave their cell phones off or in their car. We are happy to be a cell phone free zone! We want people to be able to disengage from their devices so that they can truly let go and receive maximum benefit from being in our Healing Room.

Next, we invite our members to choose one of our deluxe reclining chairs and get comfortable. Our chairs are ergonomically designed and can recline to a nearly horizontal position similar to flying first class on an airplane. We also provide a selection of blankets to make sure our members can relax and feel totally comfortable during their session.

Our sessions run for 2 hours and we play soothing ocean waves and other nature sounds that optimally support relaxation during the session. People simply close their eyes and meditate, read or just doze off. Many people fall asleep after 10 to 15 minutes in the room because the energy is so relaxing. Most people report that by the end of the session they are amazed by how fast the time flew by.

At the end of the session our members have an opportunity to share about their experience if they choose. We also recommend a detox salt bath within 48 hours of the session as the energy in the room can activate a detoxification process for some people and the salt bath supports this process.

This technology is expanding rapidly and now there are close to 600 locations worldwide. Please say more.

Yes, it’s really remarkable that the number of EES locations currently open to the public has grown from approximately 30 locations in the US to now nearly 600 locations worldwide in 52 countries spanning 6 continents.

This rapid expansion occurred in less than 2 years primarily due to the remarkable results people were reporting in addition to the awareness campaign generated by Jason Shurka at Unifyd Healing Network in partnership with Dr. Michael. You could say that the Energy Enhancement System is truly an idea whose time has come!

Jim, can you take us deeper into how EES technology actually works?

Our Energy Enhancement System includes 20 computers connected to monitors that are positioned on 4 towers in our Healing Room. The entire system generates a total of 5 distinct universal healing programs that work synergistically.

The light emitted from the 20 monitors are laser aligned to 1/100 of an inch to generate a collision of photons (packets of energy) which creates what is known in quantum physics as a scalar energy field. Unlike electromagnetic fields which are linear and measurable, a scalar energy field is non-linear and cannot be measured with conventional instruments.

What can be measured, however, is the effect the scalar field has on all life forms. Multiple studies over the last several decades have shown the benefits of scalar energy to include increasing energy levels, improving nutrient absorption, accelerating cellular waste removal as well as improving cognitive function.

Scalar waves are also known to carry or transmit healing information. Healing information generated by the computers in our EE System is carried on these scalar waves into a person’s energy field and absorbed throughout their body.

The collision of photons forms the scalar energy field which causes a release of stored energy in the form of free electrons. These electrons can be absorbed by a person’s cells thereby increasing the voltage of their cells. As the voltage of our cells increases so does our ability to be well and function optimally.

A low electrical charge on a person’s cells is the precursor to all degenerative conditions. Healthy cells carry a charge of 70-90 millivolts. By elevating the voltage of our cells, our body starts to detoxify and regenerate more efficiently.

Jewel, what are people experiencing in your Healing Room and what kinds of results are your members reporting?

First, I would say that everyone’s experience in the Healing Room is unique. But in general, the primary experience our members have is one of deep relaxation. The energy in the room is very calming and soothing to the nervous system and also helps to balance the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This deeply relaxed state is the place from which the body can heal itself.

There are so many remarkable results that our members are reporting but I would like to mention a few that stand out.

One member was losing her eyesight when she first started coming to our Center. An eye specialist told her that she would be completely blind within 2 years. After several months of coming approximately once a week, her eyesight began to improve including the improvement of her peripheral vision as well as her ability to see color. Her eyesight has improved to the point where she can take a walk by herself without assistance for the first time in seven years.

Another member’s blood pressure normalized in just one session after having dealt with chronic high blood pressure including a heart attack followed by a stent procedure. After just two sessions she no longer needed her blood pressure medication. In addition, her autonomic nervous system has come back into balance.

Another member who was dealing with stage 3 kidney disease returned to healthy ranges after several months of attending weekly sessions in our Healing Room. All of her other blood chemistry markers substantially improved.

Another member who was diagnosed with a 75% occluded carotid artery discovered after follow-up testing that it had reduced to 25% within several months of regular sessions.

There are many other results being reported by our members including reduction in anxiety and depression, reduction in pain due to arthritis, carpal tunnel and other degenerative conditions, improved cognitive function, reversal of macular degeneration, improved energy and mood as well as improvement in sleep cycles and the ability to access deeper meditative states on shorter timelines.

Some of our members also experience what we call a “retracing response.” The EE System is known to support the repair of cellular damage where there may have been an injury or a surgery that didn’t heal correctly or completely. When this happens people usually experience some energy or sensation in the location of the injury/surgery where the EE System is actually supporting a cellular repair process.

Please note that the Energy Enhancement System and the Oregon Energy Healing Center do not diagnose or treat any disease nor can we promise any specific result or outcome from using our system.

How can you bundle this technology with other healing modalities to accelerate an individual’s healing process?

Jim: For individuals dealing with serious health challenges, the Energy Enhancement System can be very effective when used in conjunction with other natural healing modalities such as nutrition, acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy and herbalism.

Some of our members are my clients and I incorporate customized nutrition programs and subtle energy remedies for specific conditions. I also endorse protocols that support increasing our Life Force with practices such as exercise, earthing and Qigong.

Our intention is to be in a more collaborative relationship with other practitioners in the valley that are open to recommending EES as a complementary therapy. We believe that EES can give their patients/clients a cellular super-charge while balancing the autonomic nervous system to accelerate their healing process.

How many people receive a session at one time?

We can accommodate up to 8 people in our Healing Room during a 2-hour session.

I understand you also offer overnight sessions as well as sessions for pets. Can you please say more?

Yes, the overnight experience is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in this powerful healing energy. An overnight session begins at 9 PM and runs until 8 AM the following morning. We provide very comfortable sleeping pads but we do ask our members to bring their own bedding.

Pets are generally very receptive and respond very quickly to the Energy Enhancement System. We actually have a cat in our neighborhood who likes to get into the Healing Room as much as possible!

We are currently scheduling pet sessions upon request and have special pricing for pets and their owners. All pets need to be contained to be in the room in a dog crate or cat carrier.

How does your Bring-a-Friend-for-Free-on-Friday program work?

We are excited to offer our current members the opportunity to bring a friend to one of our Friday sessions. This is a complimentary, one-time offer for anyone who would like to introduce someone to our Healing Center. The member can send their friend on Friday but does not need to attend the session themselves. We recommend contacting our Center directly for details about how this program works.

Finally, Jim and Jewel, I invite you to talk about your vision for creating a healing community.

Jim: When I first moved to Southern Oregon in 2007, I had the vision of creating a healing community that had the ability to reach many people. Healing is needed on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual. Once our current location has reached its maximum capacity, we would like to expand to a larger venue that would include more office space for aligned practitioners as well as places to gather for events and workshops.

Jewel: In the meantime our Healing Room is a very cozy and inviting space. We are planning to offer smaller events including sound healing sessions, workshops on essential oils, classes in Qigong and more in the months ahead.

Ok, so where do we start? How can I take the next steps either to learn more or come in for a session?

Please call our Customer Service line at 541-897-0496 to book a session or go directly to our website for more information and to find out about our Session Packages at

We look forward to hearing from you!

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