Enter Drawing for Three Hours of Professional Massage (!!) at the Chrysalis Massage Clinic

Fill out the following survey and mail to:    

Ashland Institute of Massage    |   P.O. Box 1233   |    Ashland, OR 97520


or drop it by our office between 9am and 5pm: 

280 E. Hersey St. Suite A-8 (in the Hersey St. Business Park).


What is your age? 

____ under 25     ____ 26 – 50     ____ 51 – 70     ____ over 70


How often do you receive massage?  

____ Never____ less than 1/year ____ 1 – 12 times/year  ____greater than 1/month


What is your primary reason to seek massage?

____ Relaxation & stress reduction____ Relief from pain____ Injury rehabilitation ____ It feels great!____ General wellness care ____ Other:


How do you choose a massage therapist?

____ Local advertising____ Casual word-of-mouth ____Personal recommendation

Please rate the importance (1 – 5) of the following qualities in your choice of a massage therapist: 

____ Price ____ Location____Clinic/Office Atmosphere ____Quality of Massage     ____ Personality of Therapist










I would like to be on the mailing list for the Chrysalis Clinic to receive information about periodic specials:   yes____     no_____


Thank You and Good Luck! * Drawing will be held on September 18th.

The winner will be contacted and announced in our column in the October issue of the Locals Guide.

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