Featured Vendor of the Month: WS91, Neo’s Niche

After nearly three years of participation at Ashland Artisan Emporium, “Neo’s Niche” has happily settled in. We are currently anticipating and organizing a variety of new and unique items to include in our 8 foot wall space at the front of the store and directly to the right of the entrance, which is WS 91. We hope that you will visit and enjoy the new items as we feature them.

A jewelry selection of many types remains a highlight of interest at Neo’s Niche, and it is always fun and challenging to find and select new additions to the collection that we offer you. We also like to include examples of various small and unique artistic creations. Antique accent furniture such as tables, mirrors, lamps, pedestals, stands and wall décor are enjoyed and featured as long as they can be worked into the display space.

“We”, refers to myself, the gatherer: my husband Jim, the helper, and Neo who is our beloved senior cat and mascot. Our hope is that Neo’s Niche will be one of your favorite “go-to” spots for your gifts and remembrances, and that you enjoy your experience at the Emporium, which, thanks to the staff, management, vendors, and customers, is a special shopping experience in a friendly, unique and creative atmosphere. You will always find something you will love and treasure for your yourself as a gift to someone special.

Thank you for supporting local artists and artisans!