First Organic Micro Distillery

Cascade Peak Spirits is pleased to announce their debut as the First ORGANIC MICRO-DISTILLERY IN OREGON where they are locally craft distilling OREGON’S FIRSTOrganic Vodka under the brand name, ORGANIC NATION or O-N vodka.  Proudly, we are “OREGON’S ORGANIC SPIRIT”


Cascade Peak Spirits (“CPS”) is a woman run, locally owned, regional micro-distillery headquartered in Ashland, Oregon.  Long-time Ashland residents, Diane Paulson and David Eliasen started their organic distillery in response to consumer demand for organic products that are locally grown/produced and in support of their own commitment to Organically Certified products.


Production of O-N vodka will be of limited hand crafted runs. Currently, O-N vodka is available throughout Southern Oregon liquor stores, fine Bars and Restaurants, Eugene and Portland liquor stores and by request in the finer restaurants and bars across Oregon. Consumers are urged to buy a bottle if they can find one in the stores!  O-N gin is coming the summer of ’08 with some uniquely infused spirits and whisky currently aging in barrels. 





Organic Nationâ„¢ is the spirit, passion and commitment to provide consumers with the highest quality organic spirits by using products that are certified organic and locally grown/produced.

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