Ashland Parks and Recreation

“Fun, it’s in our Nature!”

Vision, and Values statements to better represent who we are and what we do in words that resonate with our staff, commissioners and citizens.

We started from the ground up, working collaboratively to outline our core values first. We asked our team: “What principles guide your work? What gets us up in the morning?” This process uncovered a lot of passion for our community, our co-workers and our environment. Why do we love our work so much? Let us tell you!

Community | Education | Pride in Work | Stewardship

These four values are the pillars of APRC. They are our commitment to YOU, and to future generations. These values were always there, inside every one of our co-workers. Now, we can hold them up for all to see!

Stay tuned, and look to the horizon, as we tackle our Vision Statement next.

Our 2020 WinterSpring PlayGuide is now available at Due to COVID-19, the PlayGuide will not include recreation programming and will only be available in digital format. We hope you use this guide as a way to learn a little bit more about us… projects we are working on, our core values and more!

Save the Date! On Feb 10, join us for an old-fashioned radio play performed by talented local seniors via Zoom! Complete info and registration at

Are you familiar with our dog friendly parks and walks? Learn more at – Remember dogs are not allowed in Lithia Park or at North Mountain Park. Read about the impact dogs can have on wildlife, even when dog owners are doing all the right things! See our Wildlife column in the 2020 WinterSpring PlayGuide,

Please take a moment to check out the Find Your Space Campaign, especially the Fun Space category for ways to stay engaged and entertained. More at Also, learn more about other ways to connect with us at

Renovations to the Japanese Garden in Lithia Park are underway. Complete info at

Remember, the Oak Knoll Golf Course is open and ready for your business! Stop in for a round of golf. More at

Volunteers needed to provide grocery shopping and essential errands for Ashland residents most vulnerable to COVID-19. If you fall into the low risk category (under 65 years old with no chronic health problems) and would like to help a neighbor, please sign up to help at If you have any questions please contact Volunteer Coordinator Sulaiman Shelton at 541.552.2264 or Volunteer with us, “It’s the Natural thing to Do!”

For more info visit, email or call 541.488.5340. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @AshlandParksandRec and use the hashtags #FindYourSpace #InThisTogether #APRCstayConnected #AshlandParksandRec #APRC #FunItsInOurNature #AshlandWhatToDo.

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