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Ashland Colon Hydrotherapy – Now Providing Nutrition And Stress Reduction Services For Digestive Health

In today’s interview, I speak with Sarah West and Marilyn Lindsay about their expanded services for optimizing digestive health through nutrition and stress reduction. Sarah, last year we introduced Marilyn in joining you in partnership with Ashland Colon Hydrotherapy. How has the year gone for the two of you? Our partnership has gone phenomenally well […]

Josh Sommers – Audio Visual Solutions

Next time you’re struggling to connect your home electronic devices, whether it’s audio or video systems, make sure to give Josh Sommers a call. For the past fifteen years, Josh has been helping people literally get untangled in their current setups. Josh can help you properly install and set up your new audio and video […]

Royce Real Estate – Ashland Real Estate Specialists

If you have bought or sold a home in Ashland, Oregon in the past thirty years, then you most likely have heard of Royce Real Estate. Locally-owned and operated, Sandy Royce and her team go above and beyond to serve their clients. In today’s interview, I speak with Sandy about the guiding tenets behind her […]

Scott Malbaurn Schneider Museum of Art

How do you create thriving art museums that inspire creativity and cultivate wonder? As a prior art student, and lifelong art lover, I have to admit I have oftentimes found art museums to be rather boring – but not today! In this month’s interview I speak with Scott Malbaurn of the Schneider Museum of Art. […]

Nancy Richardson Get It Together – Organizing, Decorating & Downsizing

Nancy Richardson has an eye for organizing, decorating and downsizing. Throughout her life Nancy has utilized her innate sense of spatial awareness, color and organizational flow towards the transformation of space. From reorganizing a simple closet to jam packed garages, coordinating cross country moves to helping with long awaited and emotionally challenging downsizing, Nancy can […]

9th Annual – Siskiyou Challenge Saturday April 27th

The Siskiyou Challenge is right around the corner and there is still time to participate either as an athlete and or as a volunteer! Now in it’s 9th year, the Siskiyou Challenge serves as an annual fundraiser for Rogue Valley Farm to School, a non-profit dedicated to providing hands-on farm and garden education programs for […]

Ashland Colon Hydrotherapy In Support of Your Optimal Health

Introducing Marilyn Lindsay of Ashland Colon Hydrotherapy. A trained nutritionist and educator, Marilyn joins local owner Sarah West to support you in your pursuit of optimal health. In today’s interview I speak with Marilyn and Sarah about the expansion of the clinic at The Hidden Springs Wellness Center in Ashland and also the broader implications […]

Cannabis: Too Much of a Good Thing?

In a previous article, we talked about the term Cannabinoid Toxicity Syndrome. This term was coined by a colleague, Dr. Brent Davis of Heaven Sent Hemp. Dr Davis noticed that some patients exhibited musculoskeletal “collapse” with sudden pain. Practitioners of allopathic medicine were unable to determine the cause. Through applied kinesiological muscle testing, Dr. Davis […]

People’s Art Art Therapy Changes Lives

When Delaine Due first started her business some 18 years ago many were not familiar with the term Art Therapist. Questions like “Are you a therapist for artists?” or “Do you do art with children?” opened the door for some pretty good laughs and conversations. Trained professionally as a fully licensed counselor, Delaine holds advanced […]


Come OUT and give to the Southern Oregon Scholarship Fund. For the past four years SOPride has assisted in funding the education of a Southern Oregon University student. Thanks to the generosity of some supportive individuals we are able to keep the scholarship funded. Join me now and be a part of something bigger than yourself… the […]

Basics of Dental Implants

READ THIS REPORT IF… You are missing teeth and . . . . . . you are embarrassed by your smile. . . . you can’t eat the food you like. . . . your bite and/or facial appearance are changing. . . . you are tired of wearing dentures. Dental implants have been around […]

Dr. Dane Roubos – Holistic Brain And Body Care

Introducing Dr. Dane Roubos, a chiropractic physician & healing coach. Originally trained as a massage therapist, Dr. Dane’s career has spanned over 44 years with the last 9 years spent practicing chiropractic (eliminate “medicine”) here in Ashland, Oregon. In today’s interview I speak with Dr. Dane to learn more about his holistic approach to healing […]

MorningLight Properties Friendship, Family, Home

David and Gina Heckley, along with their daughter Kristin McKean, offer unparalleled real estate service to all their clients here in Southern, Oregon. Over the past 30+ years they have built their business upon a strong word of mouth referral system that has turned many clients into life-long customers and friends. With a strong focus […]

Lisa and Tom Beam – Restaurant Life From The Ground Up

Community building is a huge interest and passion of mine. The world needs leaders to step in and bring new models of living, commerce, community, and connecting. I am always excited to meet with interesting individuals in our community who find ways to shape and contribute to growing our local culture. These are individuals who […]

Case Coffee + Doughnuts New Downtown Location!

Good News… Ashland’s beloved Case Coffee has opened a new location in downtown Ashland! Located in the former Pucks Donuts, Tim and Kati Case did a full remodel and re-visioning of this Ashland institution. They mixed together fresh donuts, world-class coffee locally made, furniture, and a touch of minimalist design to create a great new […]

Inner Guide Expeditions – Get Ready For Your Summer Adventure!

Designed for youth ages 12 to 18, Inner Guide Expeditions offers an awesome selection of upcoming summer adventure trips that will have you wishing that you could enroll! These once-in-a-lifetime trips are not run of the mill, but are multifaceted wilderness adventures created to inspire, awaken, and rekindle one’s deeper sense of self and connection […]

Mountain Meadows 55+ Community – The Art of Living

Mountain Meadows is an award-winning 55+ community in beautiful Ashland, Oregon. This community has won numerous awards national awards and continues to attract interesting and active individuals to Ashland.  Thoughtfully designed, the community sits on 27 acres of mature trees, well-maintained landscaping and a year-around stream and pond. Residents of Mountain Meadows enjoy scenic views […]

Implants Prosthetics

Last month we reviewed various ways that dental implants can be placed, from free-hand to fully guided surgery.  This month we’ll review various ways that teeth can be affixed to dental implants.  Implant prosthetics can range from single teeth to an entire arch.  The prosthetic can also be limited to replacing a missing tooth.  It […]

Asurent Property Management: High Profits – Happy Residents

If you are an owner of a rental property here in Ashland, Oregon then you won’t want to miss this special report. Locally owned Asurent® Property Management is earning more profits for their property owners while keeping residents happy and secure in their rentals. What makes this company so successful? It is the continuous and […]

Lucia Light N3 – Mara’s Mobile Massage

The Lucia Light N3 light was developed by a psychologist, Dr. Engelbert Winkler, and neuroscientist Dr. Dirk Proeckl in Austria. Lucia N3 is a neuro stimulator which combines stroboscopic (flickering light), flexible in both speed and intensity, with constant light, available in different degrees of brightness. The result is a unique experience of color, shapes […]


Celebrating her 36th year in business in downtown Ashland, florist and retailer, LouAnn David, is excited to bring us up to date on the rebranding of her flower shop, FlowerTyme, into its current identity as Manzanita home+flowers+gifts. Located at 55 N. Main Street on the plaza, this shop remains at the top of shoppers’ lists […]

Dr. Ed McCullough, DC – Helps Get Your Head on Straight

Introducing Dr. Ed McCullough (DCCJP candidate) a NUCCA chiropractic practitioner at Northwest Life Chiropractic located in Medford, Oregon. The NUCCA Procedure is a gentle correction of the craniocervical junction. The craniocervical junction is the critical area of the spine consisting of the top two bones of the neck C1 (atlas) and C2 (axis) and the […]

Tera Shea Hair Design

Born and raised in Ashland, Oregon, Tera Shea is a professional hair designer and colorist working at Studio Danielle in the Ashland Railroad district. With more than eleven years of experience Tera specializes in connecting with others by helping them feel good about their hair. Tera values connecting and developing long lasting relationships with her […]

The Siskiyou School Waldorf Education in Southern Oregon

Continuing a tradition of over 40 years of Waldorf education in Southern Oregon, the Siskiyou School is a thriving community. Now in its 12th year, the school is an established, highly respected educational presence in the Rogue Valley. It is renowned for its comprehensive Waldorf program, its recognition of the importance of the arts and […]

Marc Heller DC, CCSP® – Southern Oregon Sports & Spine

Dr. Heller, you’ve had a great career as a chiropractor in Ashland. You’ve won multiple Ashland’s Favorite Chiropractor awards from the Sneak Preview. Can you tell us a bit more about your history as a chiropractor? I’d like to start even further back. My first healing arts exposure was in 1970, studying Polarity Therapy in […]

Matt Terreri DC, CCSP® – Southern Oregon Sports & Spine

Dr. Terreri, can you tell us how you became a chiropractor and what motivated you to specialize in sports? Sure. It certainly wasn’t the traditional path! I was a professional drummer – still am. I toured both East and West Coasts, and was eventually signed to Atlantic Records with a band when I was 24. […]

Josh Sommers Audio and Video Solutions

Next time you’re struggling to connect your home electronic devices, whether it’s audio or video systems, make sure to give Josh Sommers a call. For the past ten years, Josh has been helping people literally get untangled in their current setups. Josh can help you properly install and set up your new audio and video […]