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Get Activated at the 4th Annual Architects of the New Paradigm Conference! May 26-27, 2018 Ashland Hills Hotel & Conference Center in Ashland, Southern Oregon

2018 Theme: “Now or Never: Activating Change in Evolutionary Times”

The Architects of the New Paradigm Conference Series (ANP) produces high-quality events that bring together some of today’s most accomplished visionaries to present a fresh approach to the world’s critical challenges.

This fourth-year event focuses on reimagining activism with a big-picture, blinders-off, and skills-focused approach. With a new 2-day format; the experience will be inspiring, informative and more participatory than ever. Come experience ten accomplished presenters and facilitators expertly conducting multimedia lectures, conversational panels and deep-dive workshops.

2018 Presenters: Kia Scherr • Rachael Rice • Desiree Adaway • Aftab Erfan • Donnie Maclurcan • Bayo Akomolafe • Carmen Spagnola • Aaron Ortega • Holly Truhlar • Will Wilkinson (Moderator)

Watch the inspiring 3-minute video introducing this year’s presenters at

DAY 1- Get Informed & Connected: Multimedia Lectures and Interactive Panels

DAY 2- Get Inspired & Activated: Audience-Involved Deep-Dive Workshops

Rethinking “Activism” – Social Justice – Deep Democracy – Decolonizing – Gift Economy – Acknowledging Grief – Land-Based Economies – Bioregionalism – Community Building

A new paradigm approach to participatory leadership is emerging around the world. It draws on concepts and experiences of interdependence, equality, and community. Surround yourself with people who are “transmitting” and spotlighting innovative solutions that are already working.

With so much confusion and uncertainty surrounding us, we need creative ideas combined with practical skills that we can bring into our communities. Learn and help imagine more effective methods to actively challenge and change the parts of our systems that are failing. Join with like-minded friends to learn and apply ways to accelerate the shift toward a society that cultivates connection and resonates with nature’s intelligence.

What will you get from this conference experience?

  • Gain a more informed perspective on our modern predicament- Identify and understand some of the key challenges we face – including some surprises – and discover innovative options for dealing with them.
  • Sharpen your strategic skills of discernment and critical thinking– Improve your ability to spot deception and propaganda to immunize yourself against confusion and dis-empowering programming.
  • Participate in a supportive environment to cultivate courage-through-knowledge– The power we have as individuals is greater than we know, and it’s amplified significantly when we join with others.
  • Join a network of new friends– Connect with like-minded people and supportive resources, engaging in a community of forward-thinking collaborators committed to vital change.

It’s now or never—times are urgent—so make this investment in yourself, your family, and your community. Come get activated!

The Architects of the New Paradigm Conference Series is produced by Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library, a 501c3 nonprofit organization serving Ashland, Oregon since 2002.

Early registration discounts end March 31. Read presenter bios and full details:




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Founded in Southern Oregon’s Rogue River Valley in 2002, RVML’s unique collection of books, audiobooks and DVDs has grown to be among the largest of its kind in the world. With emphasis on practical solutions to the world’s critical challenges, RVML’s mission is providing easy access to information that inspires, heals and transforms. An annual fee of $30 allows unlimited checkouts of materials on a variety of spiritual, paranormal and personal development subjects. In addition to the lending library, RVML also operates a media exchange where people can trade items on any subject at no cost. A donor-supported 501c3 non-profit organization, all donations are fully tax deductible. RVML also organizes periodic lecture and workshop events at venues around the Rogue Valley including the annual Architects of the New Paradigm conference series.

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