Go Time gets an IMDB Page!

IMDBFour years after it’s debut (almost to the day), our short film Go Time got it’s own IMDB page.


Funny, they called us. Sid hadn’t even attempted to get an IMDB page yet, at least not before getting NJOTR into production status.


Anyways, check out Go Time on IMDB and give it a good rating will ya?  Now we gotta go and make up a movie poster for this awesome short film.


Watch Go Time (Official Version) on IMDB

Watch Go Time (Producer’s Cut) on YouTube


The video clip on IMDB is the official short video, which was released to film festival audiences after the original version was accepted, slated to screen, and then never appeared during a 9-hr film production competition.  The competition itself was a rip-off of the popular 48-hr Film Project, of which Go Time Producer Levi Anderson shares 3 awards with Team Nealham from two other short videos produced under strict time & content constraints.


On YouTube, you can view the longer, Producer’s Cut, which includes the story of why Handsomer Agent #2 (Tongen) is afraid of wool. This was the original version, as Agent #2’s story involved a plot point that was required in the competition that this video was produced for. However, since the heads of the competition ripped us off and stonewalled us, we cut the scene to make the story progress quicker.


After submitting the shorter official version of Go Time to film festivals, and making it available through other digital distributors, the Producer (Anderson) felt that quirky love story that went nowhere was an important element in the relationship developing between the two Agent characters (Large and Tongen).  So he added it back into the “Producer’s Cut.” View both versions via the links above.

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