Harry and the Hendersons

I first became interested in this movie after taking a different route home to Ashland from the Northern California coast. I traveled, three children in tow, along Highway 96, wandering through Karuk Tribe homelands and “Bigfoot Country.” The kids excitedly looked among the trees after passing a Bigfoot museum and a couple of statues, hoping for a glimpse of the big hairy dude, as we slowly moved along the windy roads.

Although a humorous, not historic, account of Bigfoot, Harry and the Hendersons offers some facets of the popular urban legends and an original storyline. I recommend this movie for families because it holds lessons on diversity and family teamwork, while entertaining. John Lithgow, who plays the father figure, gives a hilarious performance, as always.

Although “Harry” (the Bigfoot character) looks pretty corny on the cover of this DVD, in the film he is quite realistic and believable. The special effects were handled by Jim Henson`s Creature Shop, renowned for their skill and creativity in this area.

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