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February 2008

Greetings from the Chai Hut!

     We are excitedly settling into 2008! There have already been so many positive events and we look forward to many, many more in the coming year, and years. This last year sure was epic!

     This time of year allows us to tune back into the office with great concentration and focus. We are creating strategies on exactly how and where we want to grow. Our focus now aims at Seattle and San Francisco.

     We have also begun some preliminary planning for the “festival season.” We have booked ourselves for the Taste Of Ashland and will be sponsoring the Ashland Independent Film Festival in April.  Additionally, we plan on returning to the High Sierra Music Festival, Oregon Country Fair, and Burning Man. We certainly know how to keep busy, but more importantly, we know how to hydrate!

     We might have a few tasty surprises in store for the summer as well. Curious yet? Well, you should be!  Perhaps you are salivating at the idea new Heartsong Brews? Stay tuned for more hints as the year progresses!

     In the meantime, slip with each sip further into the present moment with a warm, tasty cup of Heartsong Chai to soothe your soul. As many a world traveler have let us know, Heartsong Chai is the best chai out there….

with BIG Love,
The Heartsong Herbal Brewing Company


What’s Important Now
New Heartsong Accounts
From the Desk of the Chia Mama
The Year Now: 2008
Upcoming Events
Website and Webstore Update

New Heartsong Accounts!


goddess      We are proud to announce two major account acquisitions: New Seasons Markets in Portland, OR and PCC Natural Markets in Seattle, WA.  Look for the 12-oz Pepper Brews in stores mid-March.
     As always, a compelte list of where to find Heartsong can be found on our website.

Heartsong Pepper Brews

     The Habanero Honey Brew was created as a solution to the “energy drink craze” (Red Bull, Rock Star).  The Habanero peppers, along with organic ginger root, stimulate an endorphin rush in the brain that travels throughout the body loosening and energizing muscles.  The Habanero Honey Brew is made with lemons, which enhance the immune system with strong vitamins and electrolytes.  Best of all, there’s no chemicals or post-rush-crash.

     Thai Dragon Tonic is a burst of lime and kiwi gives way to a back-throat pepper burn.  Pay homage to your heart and blood through a pleasurable mix of vitamins and minerals. Not as spicy as the Habanero Honey Brew, Thai Dragon Tonic is sure to stimulate your pallet with the sweet and subtly spicy freshness held within each bottle.

     Mate Fire, our newest Pepper Brew, offers the double stimulation of Serrano peppers and yerba mate.  Sweetened subtly with organic agave nectar and balanced with the tartness of organic cranberries, this brew is stimulating, captivating and certainly unforgettable.

From the Desk of the Chai  Mama

chaimama    Thank you friends, for your votes of faith and pledges of financial support through our “100 with a $100” campaign!  This campaign is propelling Heartsong forward!  We are still seeking short term loans to purchase ingredients and bottles. 

    While cash flow is our biggest challenge, January was a fabulous month!  Our Bend sales are fantastic!  We got an enthusiastic “YES!” from PCC Markets, a chain of eight natural food stores in Seattle.  We are now wining up distribution in Washington. Meanwhile, we had a meeting with New Season’s Markets in Portland and while the buyer doesn’t like spicy and didn’t even sip a brew, we are going on the shelves in early March!

    To those of you in Boulder, Los Angeles, New Orleans and San Francisco who are requesting our products for distribution there, thank you and keep asking!  The easiest way to get the Heartsong Brews into wider distribution is certainly through the grass roots!  Keep the ideas flowing and ask your favorite stores, cafes and bars which distributors they purchase through.  That way we will be informed when we approach those distribution channels and we can let them know exactly which of their customers have requested our products.

     When Heartsong launched our 100/100 campaign, it caught the attention of April Starlight, owner of the Inner Child Café in Ashland.  April let us know we were not alone in our struggles.  The Inner Child Café was designed to be a special and fun place for parents and kids. Complete with a life size pirate ship and a very cool castle, this café inspires play and imagination.  It’s an incredible asset to the Ashland and Rogue Valley community! Open just over a year now, their cash flow challenges are due to the expenses of building the café, a foundation they hope to rely on for years to come.  So, April and Elizabeth began talking more frequently and decided it was time to get creative about funding. Chad, the Chai Guy, got involved and booked VibeSquaD, his ultimate and favorite DJ to come to Ashland and spin for us.  The result is this stellar event on March 1 at 10 PM at the Inner Child Cafe. Admission is sliding scale $10-100, with all proceeds getting split between the two companies.

    With all the recognition and the wonderful reception our brews are currently receiving, 2008 is bound to be an abundant year for the Heartsong Herbal Brewing Company!  It is an honor to work alongside the creative and hardworking team of Heartsingers and within the epic region of the Pacific Northwest.  And of course, it is an honor to share my brews with you.

with Big LOVE,

Elizabeth Chai Mama

 The Year Now: Our Plate in 2008

chai hut

     In 2008, the Heartsong Herbal Brewing Company wants to grow with intention and integrity! This is why we keep making our own products, from the juicing to the brewing and bottling. We do it all. Please come visit the Chai Hut sometime and take a tour.

Here is a synapsis of the upcoming year for Heartsong:

  • Heartsong brews and spice blend boxes will be available on the shelves in New Seasons Markets, Whole Foods, and PCC Natural Markets stores in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.
  • Heartsong will be even more accessible across Oregon, Washington and California.
  • Heartsong will have a booth at the Seattle Green Festival April 12-13, 2008.
  • Heartsong Brews are on their way in to San Francisco! We are now seeking distribution of Heartsong products in the Bay Area. Please let us know where you want to buy Heartsong Brews!
  • Moving our brewery! It is inevitable that we will need to move our brewery to a larger location to accomodate increased production and demand. In just two short years we have already outgrown the Chai Hut. Hopefully we’ll be able to hand off the Chai Hut to local people who want to expand it’s offerings of food, meanwhile moving our production to a large space where we can drive a forklift and store pallets of product.

Upcoming Events


Here is the information for the events we have planned thus far for these winter and spring months. I am sure this list will evolve as time moves forward.

March 1st, 2008
Dance Party!
Heartsong and the Inner Child Cafe are co-sponsoring a fun and fundraiser at the Inner Child Cafe. Come dance to the funk of VibeSquad (Aaron Holstein from Zilla and Spoque, CO), the melodic grooves of saQi (
PDX, March Fourth Marching Band, and an old-school Ashlander), mad breaks from lAvA mAcHeTe (long-time friend of Heartsong), and beats like non-other from Tarrah (SF). There is even a surprise guest DJ for the early morning. There is a sliding scale of $10-$100 at the door and the music begins at 10pm. Don’t forget your mug!

March 27, 2007

Dance Party!
This event is still in the planning stages, but in tradition, expect some amazing DJ’s from San Francisco to shake the Chai Hut once more….

April 3-7, 2008
Ashland Independent Film Festival
Heartsong will be serving up our brews again this year for the Ashland Film Festival. If you haven’t been to this, it is highly recommended. You will see some amazing films.

April 12-13, 2008
Seattle GreenFest
Heartsong will debut ourselves in Seattle at their very first GreenFest! More information will be available in our next newsletter.  We look forward to meeting all of our fans in Seattle!

April 20, 2008
Heartsong’s Birthday!
Heartsong will enter is eight year in business as an herbal brewing company. What have we got planned for this epic event?!?! Stay tuned here for breaking news…

April 26-27, 2008
A Taste of Ashland
Showcasing the best of our region’s Art, Food & Wine (including Heartsong!), the event has become one Ashland’s most anticipated celebrations. stroll from gallery to gallery experiencing what is truly A Taste of Ashland. Get your tickets now!

Website and Online Store Upgrades


Heartsong Spice Blend Boxes      Heartsong has upgraded our website infrastructure and web store. We have been working with a good friend of ours, Ben, at Stop Physics. He is amazing to work with with, asking lots of questions to make sure that Heartsong is getting exactly what we want.

     We have switched to Sustainable Websites for our host for your green pleasure. They offset 100% of their energy usage with Certified Wind Power. Awesome!

     Expect a newly designed website early this spring. It is sure to be stellar! It will be Heartsong’s fourth official website design. This will also be done with the services of Stop Physics.

     Our new and improved web store allows easier shopping and shopping and purchasing in a safe and secure environment. We will also feature some of the products that we carry in the Chai Hut Food Artisan’s Gallery & Cafe, such as Lulu’s Raw Chocolate Alchemy, Higher Power Raw Sprouted Trail Mix, and Smart Monkey Raw Bars, to name a few.

     Stop by the on-line store  right now and get a few boxes for yourself and as gifts for your friends. You know you want to!

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