Holy Canine Candles # WS155 – Featured Vendor of The Month

Began as a personal art project, Holy Canine Candles evolved from a college student’s way to pass the time into a successful online business. Recently, local business has grown and Holy Canine products can be found throughout several shops in Southern Oregon and continue to grow in popularity.

Holy Canine Candles features dozens of candle designs which mostly include dogs, cats, and other animals portrayed as holy saints in the fashion of Catholic votives used in symbolic prayer. Also featured are many other pop culture-related candles which are sure to be enjoyed by the many who are looking for a unique gift for either themselves or a loved one.

The largest collection of these items together can be found at the Ashland Artisan Emporium, where new designs and products are featured every month! For more information about these products, feel free to visit holycaninecandles.etsy.com or directly contact Jacob Waltrip at holycaninecandles@gmail.com.

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