I love green smoothies

I send thanks and blessings to Victoria Boutenko, for bringing us the wonderful marvelous GREEN SMOOTHIE.

I saw her talk at the Rogue Valley Metaphysical Library (RVML) about a year ago, talking about raw foods and spirituality. about 2 months ago, I read her book “Greens can save your life” and started drinking green smoothies.

I feel so great. they take away your cravings for “not so good foods” like things i really needed to give up anyhow, sugar, wheat, dairy, and corn.

I started eating about 80% raw and feeling great.

What is a green smoothie?

2 pieces of ripe fruit

handful of dark, leafy greens

a little water

and I like to add a packet of emergen-c for added vitamin c.

whip up in a blender or a vitamix (which is the best!) and drink fresh.


I got all my friends trying green smoothies. You will love the way you feel after one. pure unadulterated energy. I’m allergic to wheatgrass, so this is a great alternative.

Try a green smoothie today!

ps, only use organic produce.


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