Indymedia Week Schedule

Independent Films will be shown each night at the Mulkey Auditorium as SOU's Churchill Building. At the begining of each evening, KSKQ News Services, and the Ashland Brain Cooperative brings, Ashland Idle – An open mic/talent contest to find "Ashland's Idle", That independent voice that will represent Ashland until next year. Before the films each night, there will be 15 minutes dedicated to impromptu performances by audience members. Read a poem, sing a song, claim your voice and tell your story. No more than 3-5 minutes. Each night one contestant will be nominated by audience approval. Thursday there will be a contest to see who will be nominated "Ashland's Idle", a doubous title that caries no responsibility. Winners will be guests at the community meal on Friday. Represent your self and respect and cool stuff. Represent your school or tribe. For more information call Jason at 482-4631

Sunday April 15 – 3PM to 6PM in the Mulkey Auditorium;
Independent Film Festival Hosted by KSKQ Community Radio
Will present Woodburn, Oregon – PCUN Pineros y Campesinos Unidos Del Noroeste, lpfm barnraising video August 18-20 2006 where KSKQ sent 6 volunteers to help and learn about lpfm radio.

Also A Union Man "A Union Man" is the story of his life through his eyes as well as those he’s met and worked with. A documentary film featuring guest appearances by Utah Phillips, Faith Petric and former NMU Vice President Joe Stack, as well as concert performances, this is an affectionate portrait of a rank-and-file activist still in the struggle for justice and workers’ rights.

Following the films will be Pro-Labor, Anti-Bush folk music performed by George Mann

GEORGE MANN IN CONCERT in support of Independent Media Week
DATE: April 15, 2007 TIME: 7 PM — FREE EVENT
LOCATION: The Beanery, 1602 Ashland St. Ashland, Or 97520.

George Mann makes music in the NYC area, and has worked as a union organizer. He's been singing and recording since his teens. George writes and arranges many of their tunes, and has produced three CDs four solo CDs and the first two "Hail to the Thief" compilations. "There's No Way Out" is from his upcoming solo album. More info: Contact: Wes Brain

Monday April 16 – 7pm to 10pm Mulkey Auditorium;
Independent Film Festival Hosted by SOU Campus STUDENTS FOR TRUTH:

Loose Change, will prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that what happened on September 11, 2001 was no act carried out by nineteen hijackers affiliated with Al Qaeda, nor a plan implemented by Osama Bin Laden. Instead, the infamous event was a cold, calculated, and malicious attack on the American people carried out by a group
of tyrants ready and willing to do whatever it takes to keep their strangled hold on this country; 9/11 was a self-inflicted wound.

All that is asked of you when viewing the documentary produced by Dylan Avery is to watch it with an open mind–set aside your political beliefs indefinitely. Remember, Loose Change is only an eye-opener; new evidence of the inside-job is revealed each and every day.
Contact: Danny Moffat

Tuesday April 17 – 7pm to 10pm Mulkey Auditorium;
Hosted by RED EARTH DESCENDANTS – Music by Whistling Elk Drum:
Native American film and video highlights from Native Film Festival and video from native games. Contact Michael Vazquez

Wednesday April 18 – 7pm to 10pm Mulkey Auditorium;
Sponsored by Rogue Independent Media Center and Jobs with Justice

"Molly Ivins comes to Southern Oregon, 10/24/03" 58:11 minutes
Molly Ivins Speaks 2003. To a full Medford Armory

"La Tomade los Medios estilo Oaxaqueno"- ("The Taking of the Media – Oaxaca Style"), October, 2006 (Spanish with English sub-titles) 17:25 minutes

"The Miami Model", November, 2003 91 minutes
Healthy Forest Initiative: Wes Brain & Steve Ryan video

Car lot on the Center of Campus: OPEU Dist. 4 productions.
A 10 min. flick called "Car Lot At The Center Of Campus" is one example…and so timely now with all that is going on at SOU! It shows Town and Country Chevrolet setting up a car lot in the center of a public university!

Thursday – April 19
– 7pm to 10pm Mulkey Auditorium;
Sponsored by: SOU Media Collective and Disable United in Direct Empowerment

"Leaves Of Green" & Hemp Hemp Hurray documentary about Industrial Hemp by LB Johnson of Ashland. For more information contact Steve Ryan

Also final contest to decide who will be this year's "Ashland Idle"

Friday, April 20 – 6:30 pm – at Bellview Grange
Our Independent Media fundraiser concert & dinner.

Thi Vegan Mee Krob with Peas Spicy Coconut Bundles, Sweet Potato Fritters and Dessert, with live music from Montana Soul. Starting at 6:30 PM

At 8:00 PM, Internationally known David Rovics and a local favorite Patrick Dodd. and others. in support of Independent Media Week Internationally known David Rovics & local favorite Patrick Dodd concert at Bellview Grange with and dinner.

" A prophet and a picker", Patrick Dodd provides us with well-crafted music of relevance in these times of a crumbling empire.

Renowned singer-songwriter and political activist, David Rovics is described as "the next Pete Seeger," he performs throughout the world at rallies, demonstrations and gatherings for peace, workers’ rights, international solidarity and justice.


Saturday April 21 – KSKQ heading up indy media publicity/tabling at Earth Day Celebration with a micro-broadcast for kids demonstration. Where kids of all ages can take turns being a DJ, listener, Phone Caller, announcer, and Engineer.

Email if you would like to help with this!
This year we are at Science Works Museum. is in charge of getting KSKQ signed up.

All groups will also provide valuable information booths and activities throughout the
week and week before at the Stevenson Union hallway.

For more info or to help volunteer:
Stay Tuned!!!

REF: last years proclamation: on Rogue Independent Media Center

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I am father to my daughters. I am an organizer for Southern Oregon Jobs with Justice, I am a chair of KSKQ LP-FM, Ashland's community studio. I am a citizen journalist and revolutionary.
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