Interview Process Overview

Interview Overview:

Step 1:
Preliminary Phone Discussion
* To Determine Marketing / PR Goal of Interview and Create Relevant Questions For Interview.

Step 2:
12-15 Questions Emailed To You

Step 3:
You Then Reply and Return – Edited and Ready to Go Copy along with 3-4 High Res Photos.
* It is important to budget 2-4 hours of time for your own process of writing and final editing.

Don’t Have Time To Write Your Own Interview?

* In the circumstance you don’t have time to write your own responses we offer two enhancement services.

DONE FOR YOU Interview – Level 1
* We record and transcribe your interview in a second follow up phone call.
* We then edit and share a final copy of the interview with you for final review.

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DONE FOR YOU Interview – Level 2
* MP3 – Recording with Transcription of Interview Provided To You
* You then work from this to create final interview

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