It is All About Freedom…

Having the freedom to make choices is part of what makes living in the United States of America and Oregon so appealing to so many people.  Freedom of worship, freedom of speech, freedom from fear – just some of our freedoms.  Throughout history we have fought for and won our freedoms.  Our flag reminds us of these battles for freedom and independence.  Freedom to make choices – this is something we all appreciate at any age.  Freedom to choose really increases in importance as we grow older.

At Mountain Meadows 55+ Community we care about the freedom to make choices and designed our community with “choices” in mind:

     “I want to own my home when I retire…”  At Mountain Meadows we offer the opportunity to OWN a beautiful Craftsman style home or condominium.  Yes – ownership is possible here.  You can have a real estate investment, build equity and pass the property to your heirs in your estate.  There is no “buy-in” fee here (in most cases, the buy-in fees are non-refundable and you pay them and never see that money again).

     “I do not want to do yard work ever again…!”  You are in luck!  At Mountain Meadows all front yards of single family/cottage style homes are maintained by the owners association.  All parks including our 4-acre park with community garden with raised beds and some side yards are maintained by the owners association.  Landscaping around and between the condominium buildings is maintained by the owners association.  You can sit back and enjoy the view and the fruits of someone else’s labors for a change.

      “I simply do not want to cook all the time anymore…”   We have a plan at Mountain Meadows for you to break away from kitchen duty.  There is an on-site dining room, located on the top floor of our clubhouse, with incredible views of the city and Mt. Ashland. This private dining room offers meals to residents Wednesday through Saturday for lunch and dinner and Sunday Brunch.  The monthly HOA dues includes approximately 10 dinners but you can eat every meal offered if you wish.  (The extra meals over the allowance are billed the following month).  You can have the freedom to choose to cook in your kitchen or eat in the dining room.

Our freedoms are precious to us.  We work hard all our lives to enjoy our freedoms in our retirement years and at Mountain Meadows 55+ Community… it is all about freedom!

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