Ashland Artisan Emporium: Featured Vendor – Iz and Soph, #371

Iz and Soph is in its second year at the Ashland Artisan Emporium, bringing objects from around the world to Ashland.  It initially started when we found ourselves with more than 50 vintage and new silk kimono acquired in many trips to Japan over the years.

Iz and Soph has since grown into two booths with beautiful items from Asia and Europe.  We travel often and like to bring our treasures home to share with our customers. Think Japan and India with a splash of Art Deco and Art Nouveau.  Along with our kimono, we carry gorgeous Japanese dishware, beautiful jewelry, and sacred art from Buddhist and Hindu traditions. You can find a bronze statue of Kwan Yin next to Tibetan cuff bracelets, Japanese chopsticks, and Turkish rings and earrings.  At times, we offer stunning silk saris from India and other accessories.

For the month of July, in honor of the LocalsGuide, we are hosting our semi-annual kimono sale with all kimono, originally $150-$350, priced at $45.  Please join us in enjoying the treasures we bring from our travels!