Let me introduce myself . . .

Hi there beautiful people of the Rogue Valley!

Since our profiles don’t really let us say much about ourselves, I thought I would put up a blog introducing myself for any interested visitors . . .

So, my name is Martin.  I’ve just recently moved to Ashland from Santa Barbara, California.  As you can see from my music uploads, I’m a musician, and you might have also noticed that I’m a writer as well (the music I’ve posted are from the audio companions to a couple books I’ve published on entheogenic spirituality).

What inspired me to move to Ashland, you might ask.  Well, the true love of my life recently moved here to Ashland, and I’ve come here to be with her!  Yes, following the path of true love – quite exciting and a new adventure in life.

Musically, I’m looking to make local connections and I’m also offering music lessons.  I play a variety of music in a variety of styles and am currently offering acoustic guitar, Native American flute, Australian didjeridu, and Tuvan/Tibetan throat and overtone singing lessons – feel free to shoot me an email at if you’d like to arrange lessons!  I’ll come to you . . .

I’m also a writer – my books include Mushroom Wisdom and Sage Spirit – two books on entheogenic spirituality, mushrooms and Salvia divinorum, respectively.  I’ve also self-published a shamanic fantasy series, Tales of Aurduin. You can find all my books and CD’s at my web page,  And I’d invite you to check out the Tales of Aurduin podcast, where I’m reading from the first book in the series, Orobai’s Vision, at

Locally, I’m working as a “ghost writer” and am also available for editing, book cover design, graphic art, and formatting.  Again, shoot me an email if you would like some book-related help.  My rates are reasonable and I have lots of experience to help you out.

Anything else . . . hmmm.  It’s great to be here.  Ashland is a dynamic and energetic place and a great place to be starting this new adventure in life . . .

Oh yeah, and I’m also a seven-year veteran of Burning Man and am ALWAYS happy to meet other Burners and talk about our passion for the Man and Black Rock City – and hey, local Burn in Ashland, anyone???




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Well, I'm new to Ashland - just moved here from Santa Barbara, California. I'm a writer, musician, and sometimes artist. I have a Ph.D. in Religious Studies and like lots of interesting stuff . . .
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